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XB1 Austria Wednesday Practice


S17 AOR XB1 Assist League 1 Champion
Jun 16, 2018
Date & Time

Date: Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Time: 8pm BST (9pm CEST, 3pm EDT)

Session Rules

Qualifying: Short Qualifying
Distance: 50%
Cars: F1 2019 / Equal
Weather: Dynamic
Safety Car: On
Parc Fermé: Off
Damage: Full
Corner Cutting: Strict
Formation Lap: On
Race Starts: Manual
Race Times: Official
AI Driver Level: 95
Assists Allowed: Standard assist league rules (ABS, TC, AG, RL)

Credit to @maxen for sorting out the sign up form
SImply click the link below and fill in the form to reserve your spot
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S17 AOR XB1 F6 Champion
Oct 31, 2018
I can't make this one. I have, however, sorted out the sign-up form. Sorry, @KLID22, you can't have both Ferrari cars. :p
I've also moved @Best Kiko into that second Ferrari which he would have been given had both not been occupied by KLID.


Formula 3 Test Driver
Aug 21, 2019
Unbelievable. Got dsq for blocking the pit lane cause I spun and happened to be at the entry of it Ffs :rolleyes: