Automobilista 2


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Just wondered if anyone else is enjoying AMS2 as much as me?

I love the F-V12 monsters, and would love to see some kind of community event/league here but as nobody has posted guess there isn't a great deal of interest in the game?


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I really hope we can have automobilista championships on AOR! Pcars is loosing lots of drivers, and it’s time to move to another sim.

They just need to come up with a interesting season and open signups.


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Maybe a community event would be good enough to get started and have an idea of the interest plus potential unforeseen issues ?
Go ahead guys !

I mean, at this point the internet unanimously agrees it's pretty good in regards of driving sensations.
But for everything related to online, there is not so much to be found.
- lobbies stabilty ?
- lobbies administration and features ?
- netcode / collision ?
- etc ...

PS : I don't own the game, waiting to see the traction it gets.

Hampus Soderberg

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As a beta tester of the game with quite a lot of hours I think it's possible to do socials but probably not championships. But game is developing all the time, netcode has improved a lot but still needs further improvement etc.

If only there were interest I'd love to have a championship with 20 or so cars in the formula reiza (or ultimate) on the original AMS but unfortunately that would probably be impossible to put together. I just hope that Reiza can get somewhere close to how brilliant the original title was with the new one, but having big doubts.



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I would be interested in a social race, love the game so far.


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I'm unlikely to get on it until April, selling my house so packed up the wheel, and then have to wait ages until the new house is built so wheel will be in storage :(


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Been off the wheel for a year and as always Reizas physics is just so plain obvious you can just jump right in and understand what happens :) On a 3080 now I could get ACC running actually but AMS 2 looks way better in VR. Even more so then ACC looks better for panncake racing :)
Was hoping to find leagues here. Is there still things that prevents online racing im AMS 2 or is it just the track selection and obscure licenses that make people not find it :)