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Feb 24, 2019
Platform + League: PS4 F5
League Coordinator: @Hasnain
Date: 12/01/20
Members Involved: Me - @Heaxxy - @Hamres22 - @TheTubbyNinja - @SolidNinjaSnake but probably everyone
@Heaxxy knew he was lagging all over the place he didn't care at all the entire race. A disgusting behaviour that ruined my and @Hamres22 race (don't know what he wants to do with it, but i'm sick of this guy that has no respect at all basically every race). Plus he blocked a lot of other drivers, but probably he annoyed everyone. And in the end (as you can see from the video) the game just disqualified him. Just after the race he admits that his wifi wasn't working correctly but he still tried to do the race aware that he was endangering every other driver.


20200114_111004.jpg 20200114_110943.jpg

These two pictures are from the tier chat, in England it would be 21:16 (or 9:16 pm) and not 10 pm (22), that means just after the race.
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Jan 6, 2019
At the beginning I almost got taken out in the straight right after the start, his front wheel desynced into my rear left for a few seconds witch almost caused me to get crashed into the wall and DNF directly. Hamres was also furious about his connection when we were in party and got his race ruined by Heaxxy I believe.


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Sep 4, 2018
I was in the battle with heaxy for a really long time he was just lagging all over the place. He past me when he go through me what is really weird but he said himself he had bad WiFi so that is the reason that he was lagging and due to his connection he hit me 2 times the first time I only spun but the second time I lost my front wing so I was pissed off about that and Sam already told I was furious in the party about him want he completely ruined my race


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Nov 27, 2016
I was concerned there for a moment when I saw I was tagged in a thread called "Bad Behavior" thinking, what did I do?! Haha.

But yeah, I don't really have anything to add as I thought there was a rule about, if your connection is bad, then you should leave the lobby to avoid problems for others. However it turns out that's just written in regards to rejoining after being DSC:

● If a driver loses connection during qualifying or the race, they are allowed to rejoin the lobby through a pre-session backup invite if they have one available, or via a fresh invite from a spectator or other driver in the lobby if you are lucky (however please don't spam drivers or coordinators for new invites while they are racing). If you are dropping from the same lobby multiple times due to connection issues, it is however best to stay disconnected. Please only attempt to re-connect once in order to avoid causing unnecessary stress on the lobby. If it doesn't work on the first try then it's tough luck.
(No idea why there's two quote boxes as there should only be one. Can't seem to get rid of it but I digress haha.)

So maybe it's something that could be added to the rules in the future, but yeah, I can see how bad it was based on your video and see now why you had your off at 0:50. I personally wasn't affected by Heaxxy's lag as I was never near him. The only time I noticed it for myself during the race was during your second incident (2:10 in your video), as on mine Heaxxy all of a sudden shot to the left and hit the wall. You can't actually see any contact between you two on mine. This was how it looked from my view if you're interested:

On a side note, I didn't actually realise he got DSQ. I drove past his car pulling over but I thought he had just left the session.


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Oct 15, 2017
I haven't got anything to add, my footage is pretty much just showing more of the same. I'm just echoing what is already said which is that his connection was awful and we were lucky not to have had more incidents because of it. Not sure whether that is a breach of the rules though

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards are giving a warning to @Heaxxy for his connection. If these connection issues continue we will have no option but to remove you from the league. Please take steps to improve your connection and we would strongly recommend using a wired connection if possible.

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