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Formula 4 Test Driver
Sep 5, 2018
Platform + League: PC F5
League Coordinator: @Wesselll
Date: 15.09.2019
Members Involved:
Myself and @Tiliad
Description: I was in the lead of the race when Tiliad spun and collided with the wall on the right side of the track. As soon as I could see his car, he was driving backwards, blocking the left lane, but then he instantly accelerates again, closing the right part of the track. So he moved twice, "rejoining" the track and a huge collision was only avoided due to my hard braking. Of course, mistakes can happen but it would be nice if you could calculate, where to avoid the contact with a lapped car instead of him waving left and right.



Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Jun 27, 2018
First off all I would like to apologize here to you @DaveGaming for hindering you in your race, this was never my intention. It was the mere result of me spinning

Complete run down from what happened looking through my eyes: after I had a collision with VBR Kaboom, my race was over and was out the points. So for the last couple off laps I pitted for a new set of softs (the game changed it in mediums), trying to put in the fastest lap of the race. So I was pushing on this lap till I made a mistake, going over the bump in the road there. So I came to a standstill however I was caught between the barriers, my nose touching the left side of the barrier, my rear was pointing towards the right side of the track. So I reversed as quickly as possible. In order to get out of the way, however I had not realized that you were so close and that it took so much time. From than on Dave's perspective has caught up. You see me spinning my wheel after I get enough room to move off the racing line.

If I had kept still, I fear that there would have been a way bigger incident, I think there could have been a bigger incident, because I was in the position (pause the video at 1:24:34 to see how) that although I probably would have been ghosted (although sometimes even THIS does not happen due to F1 2019, so it could have been worse.) it would have definitely cause everyone seeing me to get scared, maybe missing their braking point, maybe braking their wing trying to avoid me, or a collision amongst each other.

So to get back to me I was trying to get off the racing line as soon as possible to be as a little disturbance to the race and to the leaders. Sadly I was not quick enough. So once again my apologizes to you. I was merely trying to avoid you and hinder you in the least possible amount sadly that failed.

Edit: reworded a sentence because it was not how I intended it.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have overlooked the footage and have decided to award @Tiliad with 5 penalty points for dangerous driving. Though it was an awkward situation, it is of paramount importance you try to stick to one place when letting cars pass, particularly at tight Monaco. Please try to be more calculated in future.


(@DaveGaming @Wesselll @Tiliad)
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