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Brands Hatch Lap 1

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Feb 21, 2014
Date: 27/02/2015
Members Involved: FisiFan91, pretty much everyone else ever
Lap & Corner: 1, Turn 1.
Description: FisiFan91 ruined everything for everyone and everything.

Video of the incident:

UPDATE - Word on the street is he was DANGEROUSLY under-fueled as well. Despicable.
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Jan 16, 2014
I am outraged. It's absolutely diabolical the standard of driving that Knut performed on lap one and turn 1 of the Brands Hatch Star Mazda Season 1 race, which is round 9 of this championship. Not pleased.


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Jan 13, 2014
A better video to use right now is Phil's perspective:

@FisiFan91 has also provided his view in the Brands Hatch thread:

Feeling sad about that race. Not because of the result or anything, but because of what happened at the start. I ended up carrying a bit too much speed into the first corner and found myself understeering towards @Colin Cunniffe on the exit. Tried my best to move my car back towards the right once I realised, but that put me sideways and after a couple of near-saves I ended up spinning onto the grass to the right. At the time I thought I had lost control as a result of avoiding Colin's car, but watching it back it turns out there was actually slight contact between us which put Colin into the gravel - so I'm just glad you managed to get back onto the track and carry on in the same position as you were.

Unfortunately though this also seems to have initiated the chain reaction behind with some people being caught out by it. From my view, I just spun off the track by myself, doing a 360 on the grass and ending up at the back of the field, so I didn't actually see any of that until I rejoined the track to find a massive road-block on the entrance to turn 2. So while I take full responsibility for the nudge on Colin, I don't feel like I can be fully blamed for how the cars behind reacted to my car spinning off. Although I feel bad for it of course, so either way I'm very sorry to those who lost out as a result of the whole situation.
I would also like to hear the viewpoint of @ByEvo, @GCamara and @PeteNewman if possible please as it looks like they were also caught up in various incidents also in turn 1.


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Jan 17, 2015
So this wasn't what I expected from my first race.
I was pretty nervous starting as it was my first race in the league. Starting right behind @FisiFan91, I got a clear view of the accident.
At the start I noticed that Knut was moving towards the car of Colin. I also noticed him trying to correct and trying to get away from the car in question and so I followed my usual line towards the outside. However, as we now know, they ended up making contact. This contact resulted in a number of quickly followed corrections. Which at one point resulted in Knut's car being pointed right at my line at angle that I thought was impossible to recover from (at 0.25 in the video).
This lead to me hitting the brakes in order to avoid Knut's car. However, he ended up recovering and I ended up hitting the brakes much harder than I would have wanted to. I hit the brakes because I had no chance of avoiding Knut by going wide as I figured he would go wide himself.

From my point of view Knut's action was risky and he should have probably let of the gas accepting the loss of position instead of holding it. But it happend and that it happend in turn 1 is just unfortunate imo. The contact was very lite and caused a chain reaction and therefor I don't think this is something he should be punished for but that is not up to me.

I am not saying my actions through turn 1 where spot on but I tried to stay clear of trouble and it did not work out. I think that 9 out of 10 times a crash would occur if an other driver is presented with the situation I was in.

I hope I've made my decision clear if not I will go over them again untill they are.
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Jan 12, 2014
From my point of view Knut's action was risky and he should have probably let of the gas accepting the loss of position instead of holding it. But it happend and that it happend in turn 1 is just unfortunate imo.
Just to clarify, for me it wasn't a case of not wanting to accept a loss of position - anyone who knows me will probably agree that I never fight too hard at the start of races, usually quite the opposite. It was just a case of misjudging the speed to be carried into the corner, and I immediately lifted off the gas upon realising I was on collision course with Colin. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to avoid the slight touch and as a result losing control of the car.

Beyond that clarification, I totally agree with your post. It's a shame your debut race ended this way and I wholeheartedly hope next week will turn out better for everyone who got caught up in this.

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Jan 3, 2015
Did anyone look at Pete Newman reversing back onto the track into the path of the remaining cars?? To me that was as dangerous as misjudging entry speed on cold tyres at T1.


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Jan 13, 2014
After much consideration and reviewing multiple angles, I am deciding to take no further action over these series of incidents. The story of the incident is easy to read but I cannot apportion blame to one particular driver.

On the multiple incidents that happened:

- The first incident occurred between Martinsen and Cunniffe. Although Martinsen did misjudge his speed into the corner and therefore making contact with Cunniffe and sending him into the gravel in avoidance, Martinsen failed to control the car and was the driver that became worse off in this incident. Cunniffe rejoined the track. No further action.

- The second incident appears to be triggered by the first incident above, with van Doorn applying the brakes in avoidance of Martinsen's car (which was still in the process of being wrestled by the driver and never crossed van Doorn's line). Howson behind, feeling that the space was there to carry on, proceeded to not back off and piled into the back of van Doorn, who was then fired into Reid and ultimately collecting Trowbridge. No further action has been taken because while van Doorn did take a very conservative approach to what was going on, he cannot ultimately be blamed for this incident as he was trying to second guess where Martinsen was going to end up.

It was deemed that there was not enough blame on one particular driving that this can only be ruled as a racing incident.
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