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PC Brazil Social 50% - 21/07/2019 8PM UK


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Sep 6, 2018
It seemed to be a nice race.

A big congratulations to @Bereznay Dani for the (expacted) win.
Also a very nice drive from @hyperzz and @Schwalbe for getting the other two podium places.
There were some tense and nice battles for P2 all the way down to P6 or so.

Sadly for me, I had a lot of screenfreezes/framestalls (whatever Codies wants to call it). It's only really the second time that I experienced them this badly. It seems to be only in online races this year (maybe when hosting or something, idk).
I just retired in the pits at lap 12 or so to not further obstruct anyone, but still great to see the nice battles going on.
Otherwise I also might have been able to battle for P5-7.

BUT, thank you all for participating, driving cleanly (maybe apart from @Julien2395, but well he didn't hinder anyone really so I mean, ok then. Nah but really, you were just making it a bit entertaining ;) ), it was a real pleasure hosting you guys!


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