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AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016
Hello drivers!

As some of you may have noticed, we had broadcasting for the last round at Interlagos.

Thanks to the awesome work on our overlay by @Niclas Domino and our very own AOR care bear @King-kodiak commentating solo, we’ve had a really fun live stream that was a blast to rewatch.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, @King-kodiak is available for 2 more broadcasts while we are looking to sort broadcasting for the other two remaining rounds.

Now, to give our commentary team a little more background and stuff to talk about, I’m calling up on all drivers!

Share some details about yourself, your racing career, your ambitions, highlights of past races, info bits and bites!
Our commentators are grateful for any extra information to personalize the broadcasts :)


AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016
Tagging drivers

  1. #7 - Niclas Domino @Niclas Domino - Denmark - Ferrari - Dragon Slayer Racing - A 4.99 / 1756 - Am
  2. #9 - Christoph Holstein @Ycoms - Swiss - Porsche - Comrade Gaming - A 3.07 / 3859 - Pro
  3. #13 - Phil Bedford @Phil Bedford - UK - Porsche - Team Buschfink Racing - A 2.51 / 2151 - Am
  4. #15 - Darren Potter @Richtofen - UK - Ferrari - Scuderia AORia - A 2.44 - Am
  5. #16 - Phil Reid @McPhilen - UK - Ferrari - Team AOR Blue - A 4.02 / 4050 - Pro
  6. #18 - Koen Van Eijk @Argon - Netherlands - Ferrari - Slotherines - D 3.36 / 1280 - Am*
  7. #20 - Knut Martinsen @FisiFan91 - Norway - Ferrari - Team AOR Yellow - A 4.99 / 3896 - Pro/Am
  8. #23 - Ben Warren @TBR Wheels - UK - Ferrari - Team Buschfink Racing - A 4.29 / 2912 - Pro/Am
  9. #25 - Jukka V Suominen @Jukks - Finland - Ferrari - Iridium Racing - A 4.99 / 2512 - Pro/Am
  10. #27 - Sam Blackwood @AOR Midg3t - UK - Ford - OCM Racing - A 2.57 / 1457 - Am
  11. #31 - Jason S Dyer @ramdrop - English - Porsche 911 RSR - RevolutionSimRacing - A4.48 - Pro
  12. #33 - Eneric Andre @Era - French - Ford GTE - Race Clutch - A2.44 6384 - Pro
  13. #37 - Dominik Gadermayr @N1kmido - Austria - Ferrari - TBA - A 4.22 / 2820 - Pro
  14. #43 - Andrew Browne2 @Browneskiii - UK - Ferrari - Wheelie Bad - B3.60 / 2350 - Am
  15. #56 - Boy Willemsen @BaBaBoye - Netherlands - Ford - TBA - A 3.37 / 1029 - Am
  16. #66 - Merlin Cooper @Merlin Cooper - Austria - Porsche - A 2.77 / 1932 - Am*
  17. #74 - Sebastien Reithmuller @Reith - France - Ferrari - VEC - SIMRACING - A 4.31 / 2275 - Pro/Am
  18. #77 - Valtteri Alander @Sisuvoima10 - Finnish - Ferrari - Glacier Racing - A 2.76 / 4710 - Pro
  19. #82- Stephan Kamke @Stephan - Finland - Ferrari - Slotherines - A 4.99 / 1236 - Am
  20. #83 - Stevie Chambers @Stevie - UK - Ferrari - Scuderia AORia - A 2.22 / 2250 - Pro/Am
  21. #84 - Ebar Mariinsky @Dandy - Finland - Ford - Happy Cat Racing - B3.32 / 1952 - Am*
  22. #94 - Alexis Bouché @Meireloso - France - Porsche - Privateer - A 3.43 / 3041 - Pro
  23. #96 - Mike Schepers @mike66187 - Netherlands - Ford - A 4.03 /2384 - Pro
  24. #107 - Philippe Gaillard @Gibson - France - Porsche - VEC - SIMRACING - CYAN - A 4.69 / 2940 - Pro/Am
  25. #130 - Djawad Karoni @djawadkaroni - French - Ferrari 488 - Race Clutch - Pro
  26. #147 - Evan RT Imray @Erti147 - UK - Ferrari - Team AOR Yellow - A 4.76 / 4004 - Pro/Am
  27. #157 - Alexandre Godefroy @Bucefal - France - Ferrari - VEC - SIMRACING - A 2.46 / 3046 - Pro/Am
  28. #179 - Steffen Herrman @Steffen Herrmann - Germany - Porsche - SimRC - A 2.43 / 5500 - Pro
  29. #316 - Conner Pearson @Knor The Dragon - UK - Ford GT 2017 - OCM Racing - A 2.53 iR 1767 - Pro/Am*
  30. #350 - Charlie Summers @Charlie9000 - UK - Porsche - Team AOR Blue - A 4.97 / 5781 - Pro
  31. #488 - Jake Towns @Jake_Towns - UK - Ferrari - Wolfpack Nandos - A 3.28 / 1904 - Am
  32. #666 - Flavien Fouque @Zonerouge12 - France - Porsche - VEC - SIMRACING - CYAN - A 3.53 / 2425 - Pro/Am
  33. #724 - Chris Dubreucq @VEC_orks95 - France - 911 RSR - VEC-SIMRACING NOIR - Class A 3.08 3286 - Pro/Am
  34. #911 - Søren Kruse @Krusen - Denmark - Porsche - Privateer - A3.19 / 2337 - Pro
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AOR iRacing GTE S3 AM Champion & Former S-Mod
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Oct 19, 2016
I guess I go first then ;)

German expat that was crazy enough to move to Finland, enjoying the cheap beer, easy language and good weather.
Overall, still, great place to be, despite (perceived) 9 months of darkness, an undecryptable language and very, very expensive, very generic beer.
(fun fact: 16:9 wide screen TV was invented to accommodate Finnish subtitles, as they simply wouldn't fit on 4:3)

As for my racing, I'm still rather new to sim racing in general. It's been a little over two years. In that time, I've learned a lot, thanks to all the awesome people here are AOR.
I've been quick at building some level of consistency and can generally lap 2h with little mistakes.
I've been participating in the 10h Petit Le Mans race (2017, Road Atlanta), 12h of Bathurst, 24h of the Nürburgring and 24h of Le Mans. Endurance is my kind of racing.

The past year, my racecraft slowly started improving, so I'm not in panic anymore when a car is in my mirrors. I'm still not at ease though and need to learn defending better :)
Now, in the past few months, I've slowly starting getting a bit faster, possibly due to a combination of factors: Upgrade to load cell pedals, use of telemetry from the virtual racing school, and focusing on one sim (iRacing), not being active in Project Cars leagues right now. Being able to focus on one series certainly adds to the level of preparedness which in turn leads to a slow increase in pace.

I'd still say, I am among the slowest drivers in the field, and I won the last seasons AM title purely based on attendance and completing each race, while my faster competitors had a lot of DNS, DNF and DSQs.
Last season, I was pacing about 1s off the pace of the 2nd to last driver, while this season, thanks to factors mentioned above, I am actually in fights at the bottom third of the grid, which is awesome.

Goals for this season: hopefully remain on 3rd in the AM tier standings. Reduce number of mistakes (I had a bit of bad luck the last 3 rounds, being collected once at Interlagos and putting it in the wall myself at Belle Isle and Canada)

I did last season in the Ford, I'm in the Ferrari now and will probably race the Porsche next season, to have completed a season with each GTE car.


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Sep 3, 2018
Essex boy who moved to the big city (London)! Although I'm from the nicer part compared to bloody TOWIE! (TOWIE Is a reality tv show about how pompous, fake, plastic [email protected] and how they live their everyday lives)

Been racing competitively since F1 2011 where I used to race with the group, Xbox Excellence In Racing (XEIR)
Eventually got a wheel and moved over to PCars 1/2 and early 2018 got a streaming PC for our races on xbox... Eventually I caught the bug and have only been an iRacer for about 6 months in total, I haven't looked back since and look forward to many more seasons to come!

I tend to race GTE/GT3 on iRacing although this season I have solely focused on GTE - Participated in all major endurance races this season, our best results was a Wolfpack 1, 2, 4 at Road America but we are a newly formed team and hoping for a podium very soon! The team consists of Myself, My brother Josh and our mate Cy Farmer

The team name Wolfpack comes from a F1 Team when i used to race on Xbox - They raced in the Caterham and consisted of an american and a brit and once they joined iRacing we used this to create multiple teams, Keep an eye out for:
Wolfpack Tenderloin
Wolfpack Nandos
Wolfpack RTAs

I am a twitch streamer so please do check out my channel!

The reason we are called the Wolfpack 'Nandos' team is over in America, all they bang on about are these 'Tenderloins' and how good they are, they once heard us talk about Nandos and heard of the expression cheeky nandos and the team was born.
Be sure to check out the Ainsley Harriot Spicy Meme on the left rear :p

I am a ford fanatic (even though I'm driving a Ferrari?!?) I have just bought a Fiesta ST 150

Happy with my season performance so far, gutted to have started so well at Brazil and should of Won AM Class at Montreal but due to changing 2 tyres and car feeling awful, I am happy that I am in a championship battle with Phil Bedford. Hopefully I can push him all the way but with the Spa drop week I feel i may be running out of races to do so.

Knor The Dragon

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 19, 2014
Knor/Conner from the East Anglia region of the UK (Living in Lincoln but from Peterborough), the odd guy who thinks being a dragon is a cool alter ego for some reason.

Been part of AOR for almost 5 years now, ever since the ARL upp'd and vanished and then AOR was formed I hopped along and almost got banned from my first season for taking 3 people out in Season 7B :eek: Been a long time since then and now I have earned a championship while winning no races in that season and still have that plaque on my info under my icon there.
<--------------------------------- (Don't want it to go, kinda a meme for me)

Having a bit of a blood feud with my teammate and good friend Sam/@AOR Midg3t for the 3 seasons I was in the F1 series makes all the races I have with him as fun as ever, even if we beat the **** out of each other on a race-by-race basis.

Anywho, joined iRacing on a whim to do the Daytona 24h with @AOR Midg3t and a few other friends for the British/American Team; OCM Racing with my fresh out of the box G920. Now done the D24, Sebring 12h and LM24 in one year for the same team. Very much a jack of all trades driver, can race anything if given a hour to practice in it, Dirt Oval, Indy 500, Endurance racing? You name it, I've probably tried it and done okay in it.

Racing again in AOR after a 3 year absense is nice, just wanting to get soemthing to do on the days i am free of being a Forensic Chemist :sleep: Gotta get as many points as I can in the last 4 races of the season ^_^

(Oh, and I won one race on PCARS in a unbalanced car, but we don't talk about that.)
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Aug 11, 2018
What can I say, Dutch guy 22 years old, currently studying to become a programmer in the near future.

I'm the type of guy who cant take things slowly, constantly searching the boundaries of myself and my car. I also like competition, I'd rather lose a competitive fight than winning a race without contest.

I'm competing in my first full aor season, joined in the end of last season to compete in the last two races. Managed to win my debut race at Le Mans which came as a surprise really.
This season has been a bit weird for me, started strong with 2 podiums in the first 2 races after that i had some bad luck and a few personal errors, errors which cost me a lot of points in hindsight. Brazil was my first finish in like 5 races I competed in.

Currently driving the ford, that car is a bit of a b*tch at times, really tricky to find the optimal setup window of the car, but once found it delivers a lot of pace.

My goals for the remainder of this season are to win at least 1 race and finish at least top 5 in all the others.


Slowest GT3 Champion Ever
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Nov 24, 2014
24 (25 on Sunday) year old British person. I either have all the motivation to do well or absolutely none, I'll let you guess at what this season is ;)

Been milking my pcars pc Elite championship since I won it, as I'll never win another top tier series. Was known for being an amazing starter and defender, would always be getting positions that I didn't deserve at the end of the race simply through grit and racecraft. Also known to be somewhat of a tyre whisperer and coming up with crazy strategies that somehow work (look at Brazil for instance). Despite having little one lap pace, I feel like I should never be counted out.

My goals are simple, podiums in every race in my respective class and get as high up as possible in the overall. Had an awful season with not starting two races due to being away, getting taken out in the two following and just general poor pace due to no practice, so just hoping to finish on a high and take it into next season, which hopefully has a more varied track list other than the boring same races every season.


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Jun 20, 2018
Ben Warren, 30 years old, born and bred in Oxfordshire, England.

I have a disability called Lumbosacral Agenesis, a rare condition which basically means the bottom of my spine didn't form during pregnancy so I'm a full-time wheelchair user and have other medical issues, none of which can keep me down for too long, call it stubbornness or carelessness, both are correct. :D

Because of my disability I use a custom F1 rim called a Roso F1 Wheel attached to a G27 wheelbase. I use progressive clutch paddles behind the wheel for gas and brake. I have been sim racing since 2009, starting with F1 Challenge 99-02 before moving to rFactor and other sims. iRacing is my only place for serious racing nowadays. I'm a proud disabled sim racer and no matter how fast or slow I may be, I do take pride in being able to race able-bodied sim racers to the best of my abilities.

AOR Midg3t

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Share some details about yourself, your racing career, your ambitions, highlights of past races, info bits and bites!

Sam aka Midg3t as some of you many know me better as :p, 20yrs old living in the UK's brain tumor known as Scotland

started league racing on of all games...Halo: Reach, racing Mongooses around Supercross, Autocross and Motocross tracks...finally found my calling in GP
jumped ship onto F1 Games with F1 2009 for the Wii...such sophistication >.>
from then on it was just 10,11,12 and then finally 13...where i discovered AOR, though it was called ARL back an old fossil
discovered it by watching youtube highlights, finally decided to join for certain in F5, worked my way up the ranks till the meme of all seasons arrived...Season 11 on F1 2015
hit peak performance then by getting a P4 around Suzuka
started to slowly slip back down the tiers in F2, F3 and now im in the fastest line tier (F5)

jumped onto PC with my 3yr old Thrustmaster TMX FF...which im probably the only one to still have a working one that was the original, heard so many stories of those having pedal problems, only had 1 problem myself over those 3 years

got iRacing mere 2 weeks before the start of the Daytona 24hrs earlier this year...sweated out the mx5's and pontiac slowstice to get my C licence...2 days before the event
in that race i did claim over 100x (the bus stop and i were having disagreements every lap >.> )
since then ive gone onto compete in the 12hrs of Sebring, 24hrs of Lemons, as well as many 6hr adventures around Sebring, Road Atlanta, Road America & other tracks that i cba to name/forgot)

best finish was P2 in GTE Class
P9 Overall in our Murica Machine the Ford GTLM

due to my consistently average pace and the ability to pump out the same lap times (roughly) lap after lap after lap. The team that im part of...OCM Racing gave me the title of "The Brendon Hartley of OCM Racing" for somehow being really average on pace, yet still able to gain spot through others mistakes... im in GTE Season 4, having switched from FR2.0 simply because i didnt find being a backmarker fun, and being 2-5 secs of the pace each week was quite i know how the Williams F1 Team feels

oh a brony, if the profile pic didnt give that away...and i do all my racing with a scaley boi by the name of @Knor The Dragon ^.^/
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Oct 19, 2018
Hi im Enar and im 34 years old, and live in Finland. Big fan of f1, wec and rally. Have been casual racer on pc for over 15years. Think my first sim was grand prix legends. Took a few years of break from racing and only recently came back. Felt lazy to get wheel setup so went for being a chacecam consol geezer with Forza Motorsport 7. Did some leagues quite successfully and joined Happy Cat Racing team. Was getting bored with racing on a controller and started looking for what kind of sims there is on the market nowdays. Did some research and to my surprise iracing was still alive and kicking.

Reactivated my account and got racing, but something was missing. Racing with 1 monitor felt like looking though a small tube and i realy struggled to nailing the apexes with it. Was thinking about setting up triples, but couldnt sell the idea to my wife about a huge racing setup. The solution was getting a vr set, and im realy happy i did. I think i have never before enjoyed sim racing as much as now.

Found AOR racing league after getting frustrated with public race crashes. So far has been great fun and everyone is respectful on the track. Main objectivity for the end of this season is to try to get my consistency up and nervousness around other people down.

See you all on track!


AOR iRacing GTE S3 Pro-AM Champion
Jun 20, 2018
I'm 22 years old and from Finland. Been into motorsports and racing games since I was a kid and one of my best memories is watching Kimi win his championship in 2007 with my dad.

My racing career started with TOCA2 and Grand Prix 4, then went on to play Toca Race Driver and Race Driver 2, the original flatout and flatout 2, moving on to the early codemasters f1 games(2010-), and after that project cars. I also tried iracing in 2014 but couldn't get into it back then. Gave iracing another go early this year after wanting some more serious competition, and now it's pretty much the only game (or sim, don't crusify me:D) I play. Found this league through the iracing forums and I have to say it's been the most fun I've had in iracing, so a big thank you to everyone involved, especially the team organizing this!

My biggest accomplishment would probably be winning the pro-am championship in my rookie season :D. Scoring a podium at Road America is probably the highlight of this season so far, and much needed with the poor finishes at Watkins and Suzuka. But other than that, just noticing your own improvement, seeing your lap times getting faster, and getting more comfortable in racing around others has been great. And of course the biggest achievement is always the friends we've made along the way;).

My goal for this season is to defend my pro-am championship. With 4 races to go and only 12 points between myself and @Stevie, and @Erti147 and @Bucefal not that far off either it's going to be exciting. As for the future, keep getting faster and keep having fun. Main personal goal is to start putting in more practice and start to actually analyze my driving with telemetry and otherwise and putting more focus on improving. Hopefully I'll get fast enough to compete in the pro class one day :D.
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FR3.5, PS4 GT3 Elite S8 & Rally Pro Champion
Jan 16, 2017
I'm Valtteri 19 years old from Finland. I'm currently studying mechanical engineering. First time I watched an F1 race was in 2013. In fact it was Australia. And since then I haven't missed single race. Other motorsports that I'm following are WRC and WEC. Mainly WRC. But let's get into my simracing career.

First time I raced with a wheel was back in 2014. I played a lot GT6 and was member of a Finnish Gran Turismo group. Won my first championship there and had some really good races. :) Then moved on to PS4 and Project Cars. New group and I had some really great races there. Shame that we couldn't finish the Formula B league back then cos we had so many disconnects and the Formula B was my favorite car. I also played a lot Dirt Rally and in fact my first AOR championship victory was Dirt Rally league Pro Championship. I joined Apex Online Racing at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. I'm not sure. In autumn 2017 I started playing Assetto Corsa as it came on consoles and I also bought Project Cars 2. I had few leagues going on at the same time. Other one of them being AOR PS4 GT3 elite league. That's my second championship I have won in AOR and the only championship from which I have ever got a trophy :) Then I got a PC last year and started playing racing games on PC. Mainly AC at the time. Then I decided to start my iRacing career as the qualification series for the Finnish Sim Racing Championship was about to start. Joined Team AOR for few months but after the race in Monza Glacier Racing asked me to join the team. So I did join Glacier and managed to get into the finals which were arranged at the Assembly Summer 2018 game fest. Top 19 from the qualification series + champion of 2017 got to race there. That has definitely been the highlight of my simracing career today.

And of course I want to tell you my favorite circuits. My top 3 is Spa, Suzuka and Road Atlanta. To make it top 4 I need to add Silverstone there. Genuinly I like fast, flowing tracks but also street circuit are enjoyable.


AOR iRacing GTE 2 time Pro-AM Champion
Premium Member
Sep 2, 2018
Alex, 37 years old, so far... I was born and raised in Le Mans, so yeah, I like racecars and rillettes (typicall delicatessen). I moved to the south of France about 20 years ago for studies/parties.

On iRacing for over 3 years now, it's my first and olny simracing experience. I mean, I played F1 and GT on playstation 2 but that doesn't count, right?
As I was broke when I first subscribed, I started "driving" with the mouse. Made it through rookie series and then I was hooked and realised a wheel/pedal set was badly needed. So, for now, my experience and my hardware are improving slowly...

My interest for official series is decreasing at the moment. At least in solo. I still love endurance/team racing.
I used to run the Aston Martin DBR-9 GT1 in ProtoGT series for several seasons and even if the Le Mans Series can be compared to it, I feel the overall quality (cars and drivers) isn't the same as it was in ProtoGT. The seasons I like most in my whole iRacing "career" were the last two ones of this series when we had only one race going official, with the same guys, each week. I actually somehow managed to finish 2nd overall in GT class during one of thoses seasons. Lack of participation and level? Sure, but still...

Enjoying racing against the same gentlemen every week led me to think about finding a league. So here I am...
I signed up with no other goal to have some good clean mid-pack fun as I see myself as an average driver, at most. As the season goes by and after some decent results, I now think i'd be pleased with a class podium and a top 10 overall by the end of the 12 (11) weeks. I'd probably could wish for better, but I'm showing too much lack of consistency so far.

Niclas Domino

iRacing Overlay Designer & AC Skin Creator
Staff member
iRacing Coordinator
Jul 31, 2016
Hey i am Niclas, i am 24 years old and from Denmark.

I have alsways had a passion for racing. I started driving racing games from a very small age. My first race game on PC was Grand Prix 3. Still one of the best F1 games. I got my first wheel to pc in 2014, and i was playing pcars. After about 6 months with that game i got into iRacing, what have always been my favorite form for racing is endurance (LeMans) and that game was and still is the bedst for endurance/multiclass racing. I just love LeMans i have ben and watch the race live 4 time now, and it is just the best.
When racing my favorite is a car with alot of downforce, i am not the best in GT cars, i do enjoy the LMP cars a bit more, and the LMP1 cars are just the best, and going around LeMans damm that is just the best. if it was up to me we did i 24H race every month :D.

I also have a bit of a passion for how the race cars look, so i began to try and make some skins for Assetto Corsa, when AOR then had a league in AC, i did mention how all of so could have Custom skins. Not all did know how and i also was meat with some sceptis on how it all worked. So for S2 of AOR AC league i set out to get this don, so i made all 30 cars skins :). After the success of that all was in on the idea, soon i was also asked to help with graphics for the stream. This i did for 4 Seasons of AC, before having all focus on iRacing. And that is were @Stevie not have found out how much you can get don when i have an idea and he needs to do some work ;). In the last cuppel of months, i have been working on the overlay for the stream, it have been alot of work, but with all the positive feedback that i have gotten on it, it is all the time worth.