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PS4 Car and Number Selection Thread

AOR Perez

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Aug 21, 2016
It's only the same as what happened to me and @washy03 he went red bull and I was going to be his team mate, but @TUSZMUSZ picked red bull, which is well within his right, so we moved to our third choice so we could be team mates. Il just have to do better this season so I can be the car I want next season
Yeah lol didn't consider this at the back end of last year


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Apr 3, 2017
We are awaiting your pick @ThoTheMax-33
I am sorry guys, I made a mistake. I am already in a dutch league where the races are sunday 8.30 pm dutch time. I thought the time difference between the Netherlands and the UK was -1 hour. So that 8pm would be 7pm in Holland. This would mean I could race in both leagues but now I noticed that the time difference is +1..

So I am not able to join the league. I am really sorry.


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F1 Coordinator
Feb 18, 2017
Is there any chance of getting @Collins098 a team mate? Would be nice to have everyone buddied up :)
Also would I be able to change my #8 to #61 as Grosjean has #8 and I wont be able to use it, realized this last night
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Jun 7, 2017
Can I join the league?? I would like whatever car is available and my preferred number would be 23 or 13, please reply if there are any spots available on this site or my psn:elyons243