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PC Cem intentionally taking Hz3rd out? And then Proceeds to push me off the track

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Filip Prešnajder

S15 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 28, 2017
Platform + League: PC - AOR Esports Team Tournament
League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming @DemoN
Date: 11/05/19
Members Involved: @Cem Bolukbasi, @Hz3rd, Me
Description: Dear AOR Stewards and Admins, Co-ordinateurs. Most likely out of pure anger Cem intentionally took out @Hz3rd? I'm not saying it's 100% intentional, but he has got wing damage and was pretty mad. He unfortunately removed his whole stream for some reason (i wonder why hmmmmmmmmmmm). But we have a clip of him doing the accident. He even mentions something about the championship at the start of the clip, but i'm not really sure what is he talking about though, so i don't want to go into that. After he took hz3rd out, he proceeded to completly push me off the track, not giving me any space at all out of frustration. I hope stewards will do the right decision and punish cem as this is completly unacceptable.


Formula 4 1st Driver
May 13, 2018
@Smash Thank you for taking the time to make the report.

I would like to add something, before Cem removed his stream I watched our battle and where he got front wing damage. His stream showed my car fly to the left in to his causing him to get front wing damage although on my screen I see his car just dart left without the contact being made. I can provide my POV of this if it is required.

Finally, here is the footage from the main stream on YT:

Here is my view of our battle in sector 1 which somehow gave Cem wing damage:
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S15 AOR PC F3 Champion
Mar 29, 2018
I know i wasn't tagged on this but I just wanted to remind you that someone, got blacklisted from AOR for intentionally taking someone out...was there a better time to do so today? 2 races from the end?

Filip Prešnajder

S15 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 28, 2017
I would also like to point out that now, even Cem's fans went onto @Hz3rd 's incident video and started disliking it and posting comments like this. This is now beyond unnacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated.
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Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have closely reviewed this evidence and have decided that @Cem Bolukbasi is certainly at fault. The action taken will be a DSQ from this round for @Cem Bolukbasi, with a race ban to also follow for tonight's round - the final round of the league stage. The team will only be able to field one driver tonight, with that driver obviously not being Cem.

This is a very poor piece of driving and is frowned upon heavily. An improvement is expected in the future.

Closed. @Smash @Hz3rd @BosslyGaming @DemoN
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