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PC Clearification on "weaving"


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Sep 5, 2018
Hey guys,

I don't know where to adress this topic but I would like to have a clearification of the rule that "weaving" is not allowed. In the race at Paul Ricard, I was 0.1 seconds behind a Bentley that started weaving / breaking the tow. This was not seen as weaving for defending the position. Therefore I ask myself when "breaking the tow" becomes "weaving", when .1 seconds on such a long straight doesn't seem to be enough.

Is weaving just defined for the attacking car being already next to you? In that case, I don't think that the rule is quite useful then because you could simply argue, that a "weaving" car is "pushing someone off the track".

This is far from my understanding of nice racing but seems to be legal. But I want to know the limit of the regulation as I do not want to do something which would be seen as weaving.

Thank you in charge!
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Mar 27, 2018
it's quite a subtle difference, but generally it's "breaking the tow" as long as the car behind doesn't have an immediate chance to make an overtake attempt.
Generally speaking it might be anything around a couple of cars lenght and above, which in a very long straight like the Mistral might be just 0.2 of a second.

(i find it annoying too btw)


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Aug 24, 2017
For me, it ultimately comes down to whether he was blocking you or not. If he does this in the braking zone, that would be illegal due to making more than 1 defensive maneuver under brakes. Equally if you are travelling faster and he moves over to prevent an overtake causing you to have to take avoiding action, that would be blocking and illegal. Weaving to dodge a tow, assuming none of the above are also true, I would class as legal, although I agree its very annoying to drive against and likely just costs you both time at the end of the day.

Artur "Jankes" Sobota

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Oct 14, 2019
As @Deerladog said weaving just to cut the draft for the car which is 2 or more lengths behind, without noticable speed difference on a straight isn't something really considered as excessive and dangerous weaving. On the other hand, same behavior when the car behind have any chance of overtake (very close distance / big speed difference) would be most likely found as illegal blocking manouvers and penalized. To summarize, what have been said by guys above: its annoying as hell, just like flashing lights. But as long as there is no real chance of overtake or dangerous manouvers, it can be simply recognized as attempt to brake a draft
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Jan 19, 2014
Think the best way to make it as clear and as black & white as possible is:
- The leading car moves first before the following car, away from the braking zone, it can be classed as braking the tow and therefore legal.
- The leading car moves first on the approach to the braking zone, it can be classed as defending or blocking which is legal providing it is not late, dangerous, and there is only 1 change of direction.
- The following car moves first and the leading car then moves in reaction, possibly multiple times across the circuit, it is classed as blocking and is illegal if done more than once and a cars width is not given if coming back towards the racing line. With this and for added clarification, if the lead car goes to block off the inside line on the approach to the corner, the following car reacts and switches back to the outside and onto the racing line, the leading car can move back across providing the space is big enough for another car. Obviously, the leading and defending car needs to be careful and ensure that when there is an overlap, they're not coming across and making contact with the following car.


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Jun 13, 2019
Why not just handle it like in real motorsport? Moving once is okay ... weaving on a straight isn't. Can't be that hard? :unsure:
I just wanted to write smth like "weaving or braking the tow is allowed like twice or so" bcs I was 100% sure it is mentioned like this in the rules. It isn't, but it definitely should be. Just like in every motorsport series there is.

Once, twice is more than ok, 3-4 times maaaaaybe if there's at least some kind of gap. But yes, if you're within the slipstream (GT3 always said to be up to 1sec or even more), it shouldn't be allowed more than twice. Would be a very clear and easy addition to make. NOW! :p

Can and does lead to very dangerous situations or even crashes, just search the stewards panel for weaving etc o_O


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Oct 11, 2019
Totally agree, in my opinion it would be a good addition to the rules to prevent this excessive weaving by limiting the allowed change of directions, as it is common in motorsport.

Although it is allowed, I don't use it when I'm in front of another driver, just because it is annoying for both drivers and I don't think it's good racing...