Clio Cup Junior League Interest Thread FM6 |

Clio Cup Junior League Interest Thread FM6

What day would you like this to be held?

  • Monday 8pm BST/ 2pm CT

    Votes: 22 64.7%
  • Friday 9pm BST/ 3pm CT

    Votes: 12 35.3%

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EVR Taylor

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Premium Member
Sep 20, 2015
@Morvic and I would like to set up another Junior League, much like the Mazda MX5 Junior League. This league would set less confident drivers up for clean, fair league racing. That is why assists are allowed.
Mondays @ 8pm BST, CT 2pm
Clio Cup Qualifying: 3 Laps
2 Races:
1st race: 15 minutes
2nd Race: 30 minutes (Random grid)

1. Brands Hatch Indy
2. Sebring Club
3. Road Atlanta Full
4. Hockenheim Short
5. Silverstone National
6. Le Mans Bugatti
7. Catalunya National
8. Brands Hatch GP

Points system:
Ø 1st 30 points
Ø 2nd 25 points
Ø 3rd 23points
Ø 4th 21 points
Ø 5th 20 points
Ø 6th 19 points
Ø 7th 18 points
Ø 8th 17 points
Ø 9th 16 points
Ø 10th 15 points
Ø 11th 14 points
Ø 12th 13 points
Ø 13th 12 points
Ø 14th 11 points
Ø 15th 10 points
Ø 16th 9 points
Ø 17th 8 points
Ø 18th 7 points
Ø 19th 6 points
Ø 20th 5 points
Ø 21st 4 points
Ø 22nd 3 points
Ø 23rd 2 points
Ø 24th 1 point

Fastest Lap: The fastest lap for race one will get a point. The fastest lap in race two will get a Point.
Tune provided by: { @Morvic } TheMorVic

Banned assists: Auto braking, auto steering.

Teams: You can race with your team mates (4 driver teams), or you can race as a privateer, choosing to be a privateer will result in you not being able to compete in the Manufacturers Championship. How to sign up for teams: Team captain will sign their teams up in the in Team Registration Thread (Opens: X.X.2016. Deadline: X.X.2016).

How to sign up for teams - Team name: "Name"
Team captain:
2nd Driver:
3rd Driver:
4th Driver:

Liveries: You can make team livery yourself or you can ask for help from our dedicated painters. It must contain correct table and personal number. Team captain should also have a characteristic thing on his/her car to mark off.

If you're interested, please reply in the comment section below.
1. { @McMUFFin }zoMcMUFFinzo
2. { @Morvic } TheMorVic
3. { @matt212 } Matt212GamingYT
4. { @max_leclerc1234 } max leclerc1234
5. { @xxGiXXer11xx } xxGiXXer11xx
6. { @DeathDealerS199 } DeathDealerS199
7. { @cafcvfr } cafcvfr
8. { @TheXLuckyXDraw } TheXLuckyXDraw
9. { @WidowedGraph738 } WidowedGraph738
10. { @JMFP94 } JMFP94
11. { @klaws60 } Klaws60
12. { @Brian H } Sensic Tekked
13. { @Hamster4racing } Weltysolution32
14. { @WildWin7 } Wildwin7
15. { @Keithn222 } Keithn222
16. { @AndyCockerill } Acey69
17. { @Damien l 92 } Damien l 92
18. { @Bence Róth } Predalien96 HUN
19. { @Warick1989 } Warick1989
20. { @Yello Cactus } Yello Cactus
21. { @Steve wilson } steve dogg 51
22. { @Dizzle } Dizzle Bruv
23. { @Shisui } Darth Mikoto
24. { @Terror_x_Tryme } Terror x Thyme
1.{ @l medal l } l medal l
2. { @Martijn Rutte } MartijnR2702
1. { @Regamus } RegamusMaximus
2. { @l medal l } l medal l
NOTE: Don't sign up for teams now - if league gets enough interest, suitable thread will be created
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EVR Matt212

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May 5, 2015
id be up for some of this, remember reverse grids are impossible


F1 Triple Champion
Dec 11, 2015
Could you let me know a bit more about the tune? What class? Also are the cars FWD or RWD? I've long said I want another junior league where the racing is less serious and the party chat is just banter (I hate that word but that's the best way to describe what the parties where like).

I'd also like to invite @DeathDealerS199 @Regamus and @SavageSnailx69x to have a look at this. One of the reason's the Mazda league was so much fun was because of these 3 guys. I have my best Forza memories in that Mazda league, laughing alongside them and the other drivers. Round 2 at Indianapolis is the best memory of the bunch!

Race 1 was the greatest battle ever against DeathDealer and Flush, and on the final corner I bottled it and lost out to both, coming home 4th. Then race 2 I got a good starting grid position and managed to win the race, although I nearly bottled it again on the same corner on the final lap and was lucky Reg had nowhere to go and so hit my backside and I went on to win the race. If we can emulate that league I'll be over the moon!

Quick shoutout to @Sooty, you should take a look at this :)

EVR Taylor

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Premium Member
Sep 20, 2015
The cars are originally FWD but to make it easier for new league racers we have decided to give it a drivetrain swap to RWD.
The car has had upgrades put on such has race transmission, clutch etc.

EVR Morvic

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Feb 25, 2016
So happy that this gains interest so quickly :)
What are you waiting for..? Sign up!
[DOUBLEPOST=1470809796][/DOUBLEPOST]@cafcvfr we both decided to switch the Clio to RWD since FWD won't really be teaching juniors any serious driving, + it doesn't give as much fun as RWD does (OVERSTEEEEEEEEER)
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