Clio Cup Junior League Interest Thread FM6 |

Clio Cup Junior League Interest Thread FM6

What day would you like this to be held?

  • Monday 8pm BST/ 2pm CT

    Votes: 22 64.7%
  • Friday 9pm BST/ 3pm CT

    Votes: 12 35.3%

  • Total voters

VBR Deathstroke

F1 Champion
Dec 3, 2015
I felt deeply gutted by this not running, through personally it would have be a sound basis for a first league for many people. The interest was there with many guys practising and creating liverys.

It's a shame apex could not have used it as a pre programme for some of the bigger races they run. Unfortunately as in real life, even sim racer novices need to learn and have experience of racing. Having a grass roots series such as this, promotes competitive racing and ignites enthusiasm, while allowing mistakes to be made, without destroying competitive races due to inexperienced drivers rAcing in car they can't fully control.

Would still love for it to go ahead. At some point.

Facebook page, is up and running but as said, we all really wanted this to be a start into bigger things on a journey into apex racing.
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