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PC Clio Cup Round 3 Race 2

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Feb 4, 2019
League Coordinator: @TicklishPicklewickle
Date: 19/02/2020
Members Involved: @Royalt @WMDRMartin @KRAB
I would like to bring to the attention the driving standards of @KRAB where he dive bombed my car twice, once for position and the second to unlap himself. The third encounter occured when @WMDRMartin and myself were battling for position and with zero warning, @KRAB attempted to unlap himself on the main straight where there was very little room for 3 cars wide. Trying to avoid the pit barrier, @KRAB made contact with @WMDRMartin which led to contact with me and caused a secondary impact which spun myself and WMDRMartin out.


The first is where Krab dive bombs myself going into the left hander at Virage Samson (T7)

The second is where Krab dive bombs me into the hairpin at Virage du Nouveau Monde (T4) leaving me with nowhere to go.

The last one is Krab trying to unlap himself going down the main straight while myself and WMDRMartin were battling for position. There was hardly space for 3 cars and the actions taken by Krab led to an impact between myself and WMDRMartin which unsettled my car and ended up spinning both myself and WMDRMartin.



GP2 Reserve Driver
Oct 31, 2017
My game seems to be having issues, so I can't provide footage, however, i'd like to point out that my car was driving completely straight in the moments leading up to that last crash, as is evident by the yellow lines in the middle of the track.
Royal and I already came together slightly as he drifted to the right a bit, but no harm done, we both continued on until Krab lunged at us from the right to dodge the pit wall. That caused me to push back against Royal, and saw us both end up in the wall.

I made the rules about lapped cars clear to him after the race in discord chat and hope he's learned from his overly feisty maneuvers :)
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Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 4, 2020
My fault in first two, on second occasion I clearly braked and let him go past me, got no excuse for first one.
Speaking about main straight, I was gaining on 20th place, they both had really bad exits and since I was trying to get past them for the last lap where they were all over the road battling I thought that this could be my chance since its the straightest part of the track. Either I had to come to a full standstill or push them a bit so I wouldnt crash in the pit wall. As seen in the video they crashed because the white car turns hard right some seconds after I pushed them a little hence for me it feels like a racing incident.


Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have decided on the following verdicts for each individual incident:

Incident 1: the stewards have decided to award @KRAB with a 5 seconds time penalty + 5 penalty points for causing a minor avoidable collision. @KRAB was too far back to make a move and thus he never was far enough alongside @Royalt to claim rights to the inside line.

Incident 2: the stewards have decided to award @KRAB with a 5 seconds time penalty + 5 penalty points for causing a minor avoidable collision. As with the first incident, the move was very optimistic from @KRAB and he ended up hitting @Royalt as a result of braking too late. The stewards would however like to give a warning towards @Royalt for excessively flashing his lights. Flashing of the lights should only be used if really necessary and here it wasn't.

Incident 3: the stewards have decided to award @KRAB with a 20 seconds time penalty + 15 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision + failing to wait. Although there was a bit of contact between @Royalt and @WMDRMartin initially, the stewards feel that this was not the cause for the incident. There was never room for 3 cars wide on this narrow track so trying to make such a move was an overoptimistic decision from @KRAB and as a result he caused the incident.

@Royalt @KRAB @WMDRMartin @TicklishPicklewickle
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