Closing Season 5, FIFA 15 tournament and announcing Season 6 |

Closing Season 5, FIFA 15 tournament and announcing Season 6


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Jan 14, 2014
Hi guys!

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the inactivity of the CODS since the season has ended, will make sure it won't happen again.

Season 5

So season 5 is over and it was certainly one of the more competitive seasons on AOR for both divisions. Division 1 saw newcomer @JordanK2406 become champion at the first attempt without losing a game with @KurtJP35 the only person who even came close to challenging. Relegated from D1 were @xxkrypto @LST Viperz @MrJonesyy, however the difference between @MrJonesyy and @iR3versal was just 1 goal difference.

D2 saw @Shaw lXl crowned champion with @TRL Schumacher finishing 2nd and getting promoted to the big time. Promoted through the play offs in D2 was @CPFC_BreweR after finishing 4th in the league, a massive well done to you Harry, I didn't congratulate you at the time I don't think.

A big thanks to everyone for participating and hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. @TroyzeH @JordanMcGonigal @CharlieRogers @Rob1nJ @I Jason97F1 I @Smithycity99 @RandyMcScrandy1 @Scott ll 94 ll @Lewis_Tids

Plans for FIFA 15

We are planning on running a quick tournament before FIFA 16 comes out, we are open to suggestions on the layout and teams however while just discussing with Troy and Jordan we think a straight up knockout tournament with International teams and each player is assigned a random team is the best way to go, using the best teams though so nobody would get India. Please let me know if you are interested below and any suggestions that you have. Please remember with your suggestions we only have around a month remaining so please don't suggest anything super complicated.


We can also announce that we will be running leagues on FIFA 16, maintaining the current 2 division format. There are no real details on it at the moment in terms of structure but there are a few things we are sure of.

1)Sign ups will be open quickly after release with the intention of getting the leagues up and running within 2 or 3 weeks.
2) Unlimited sign ups so if we end up with 2 divisions of 30, so be it.
3) League balancing. What the COD team doesn't want is D1 with 8 people and D2 with 16, to stop this from happening (if there was lots of sign ups) there would be a play off tournament between the relegated members of D1 and the unsuccessful play off contenders in D2. This will only happen if there are loads of sign ups and the leagues end up really unbalanced as we don't like putting new sign ups into D1.
4) Random order of picking. For the next season teams will not be selected in order of finishing position last season, they will be random. This is done to mix things up a bit and not have the theoretical best players getting the best teams. The following seasons will follow the usual format.

Again, we are open to suggestions in terms of what teams to use, it is very unlikely the first season will be no limit on teams as that's what we ran in the final season on FIFA 15.


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Jan 16, 2014
My thoughts on everything said:
  • Totally agree with the layout of the tournament, 16 people, 4 rounds would be optimal and maybe have a 3rd place play-off thrown in there so we can round off the top 3 nicely.
  • 2 Divisions, agree. As we discussed a while back more than 2 divisions isn't really practical.
  • League balancing is good too as long as there is a solid way to decide who fills the gaps (as you've named). Doesn't bother me too much though so I'm happy with or without this.
  • Not honestly overly pleased with the decision to do random draw but I get the reason and I suppose I'm in a pretty bias position as I'd benefit greatly from the old system. Not end of the world but I was more in favour of the old system. Then again, as long as the team criteria is done in such a way that everyone in the division gets a competitive team it isn't that important either way.

On the whole it sounds like we're in for a good season. All I will say is you'll probably want to get the tournament set up sooner rather than later as it isn't actually that far until FIFA and a lot of people are going to be heading back to school/college/uni near the beginning/middle of September too.


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Apr 27, 2014
Will the tournament be an official season or just for fun. I agree with everything that was said except random draw which isnt something im pleased with. Overall from what was said it looks like season 6 is gonna be another good season. Hopefully win a second div1 title :)