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Coordinator Required!


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Aug 26, 2014

Hey folks!

Well, the thread name says it all really. The iRacing team are looking out for someone to help out running this league. Obviously this has potentially to be a very big league and I think it's fair to say that even with 3 people running the GTE league, sometimes things get missed so we'd like to reach out and have someone exclusively focus on this league.

You'd be responsible for the basic running of the league such as the following:
● Dealing with new sign ups
● Ensuring race threads and race sessions are set up* on time
● Helping with stewards enquiries (Across all iRacing leagues)
● Help moderate the league forum
● Updating results

The other iRacing coordinators will be available to help you.

Plus, you'll get to work alongside @The Genius! He's offered to help run this, but we think he could do with some support.

Could you be that support?

If you are interested in filling this role then start a conversation with myself, @Stephan and @The Genius with a brief description as to why you think you can do this if you've done any coordinating before!