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Crashes Of The Week Submission Thread

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Aug 11, 2016
This thread is for posting videos specifically intended for the crashes of the week in the official highlights coverage. Each video that is sent in here should be either:

- solely the crash(es) intend to be reviewed
- captioned with a time point if this is not a video specifically to show the crash

As it stands, the top crashes section of the highlights is set to be limited to five entries shown in the highlights, which means that not all of the crashes will feature in the video so do bear this in mind. This is not a thread for each crash you have in the rally, so no videos of drivers having a small spin or something to that effect please!

Each video sent in should also be sent in within a few days of the event closing to give reasonable consideration for editing times including this in the highlights.


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Oct 23, 2016

Monaco summed up in just about 25 seconds.
PS: Sorry for recording black bars, slight glitches with OBS
That right 3 in the beginning of stage 1 got me 75% of the time. Feel like the surface is much more slippy than the rest of the stage. Plus I think the pace note for that corner misses a pretty important feature. "Tightens and narrows" instead of just "narrows". Unless it's just me but I feel the corner gets remarkably tighter in the end :p
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p n k

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Dec 29, 2015
Sorry for posting Monaco since Round 2 just started but here is my crash:
linked to timestamp in the video, but if it does not work, 14:30

p n k

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Dec 29, 2015
First stage, got over confident after nailing the 10 shakedowns, and got it all wrong in the beginning
Then in the 3rd stage I got confused through similiar corners and experienced one of the slowest rolls in my life
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Aug 22, 2016
I have two big crashes I can submit. They are actually both at the excat same rock :lol:


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