Crew 2

Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Hey ya all,

Anyone will be playing Crew 2? What are your thoughts so far? have you tried beta? I got access to alfa, closed beta and now open beta and I also played Crew 1 for a while.

Here as my impressions so far.
  • Graphics are stunning in my opinion, especially compared to the previous iteration. Cars look fantastic, map looks much more detailed, with full HD and constant 60fps, the game runs butter smooth and it is a joy just to drive along.
  • customization of cars is simmilar to Crew 1, so on the first glanc you may be staggered to see 21 different front bumpers, but actually there are "just" 7 different bumpers, with 3 variants (carbon part/black part/different trim etc), but still, all tuning options are detailed and very well moddeled, so it is a joy to list through all of them an pick what you like the most. (I tuned the 370Z drift spec yesterday with wite pearly colour and those bumpers are just fantactic :) -> NFSU/U2 flashbacks
  • the addition of planes and boats i don't really care, but I guess I will use planes to fly over bigger distances or just for fun, but mostly I will use cars
  • Handling is arcadey, there is no doubdt, it is not a simulation. It feels comparable to Crew 1. I have tried to play the game with my wheel, but the cockpit camera is useless as there is just 90deg wheel movement and crazy head movements, no rearview mirrors (just blurry grey of some sort), the hood camera is the best for wheel, but still not to my liking, but maybe I will give it a go. As it is arcade physics, there have to be some getting use to that on wheel compared to AC or PC2 of course :D I played Crew 1 with the wheel and it was enjoyable. But again, this game is not about simulation of driving, it is about having fun, explore the world of America with loads of cars which are amazing to look at, so 3rd person view and gamepad is the way to play it I guess
  • Number of cars I haven't counted, but there are plenty of them from old classic, muscle cars to modern muscles, japanese cars to european sedans and hatchbacks to supersports and hypercars. There is also RedBull F1 car and some futuristic F1 car aswell. There are some WRX cars, Dirt cars, simply put, you will find your favourites (for me, more BMW's like Older M5, new M2, M4, Z4 are there )
  • Apart from cars, there are also motorbikes which is nice addition.
  • There is no story line, just hundrets of races with different disciplines which requires different type of cars, there are many skills around the map and loads of other stuff.
  • You can turn off ABS, ESP, Slide helper, TC, and after you equip your car with new parts, you unlock also "fine tuning" options. For example, at the beginning with Mustang GT I felt like it should go to drift easier, so I put Rear tyre Grip to minimum and oh boy :D what a tailhappy car that was, but it was too much, so I put it somewhere in the middle and it was nice to drive that car. So basicly every car can be tweaked further to your liking.

There is much more, but overall, I guess I will get the game as I just enjoy to drive from A to B and to look around America. There are plenty of landmarks, also on the way you can take pictures and got some rewards etc. In the end, it is big step up from Crew 1, even though the map is "the same" but it is just better optimized, better looking game with new features.