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CSL Elite F1 Set - Disappointing build quality

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Has anyone else been disappointed by the build quality of the CSL Elite F1 wheel?

I've owned the product since September and in that time I have used it quite a lot, around 300 hours on F1 2020. Unfortunately, in that time I've experienced several issues.

The biggest issue I've experienced is the power supply developing a fault which means the connection is extremely loose and the slightest jolt is now enough to cause the power to disconnect so the wheel switches off. Obviously not ideal with the force feedback causing a lot of vibrations!

Aside from that, several button key caps have cracked and fallen off - even ones that aren't used frequently! I've had to glue them back in place. Also, the alcantara fabric is already noticeably worn which is disappointing considering I've owned it for less than a year. The plastic on the metal handle to tighten the grips underneath the wheel has also cracked and fallen off. Finally, the downshift gear paddle is slightly sticky, although this is only a minor gripe.

Overall, considering I spent €724.39 on this wheel I am very disappointed at the shoddy build quality! I don't think I would recommend a fanatec wheel based on my experience. Has anyone else experienced these sorts of issues or am I just unlucky?

Steve Jackson

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Yes, it is the Formula Esports wheel. It's not unique, Ive got removable button caps on my CSW Formula v2 F1 2020 LE wheel, I took them off as @Neil Bywater has the same standard wheel and his cracked (along with plenty of others) so that's a design flaw.

I liked the fact that the 2020 wheel had leather grips and I've seen the other LEs get dirty alcantara (it is high maintenence).

My shifters are uprated over the standard wheel, they're thicker carbon. The 2021 LE has the Advanced Podium module pre-installed and a lower price tag than last year. I think the Formula v1 (and Carbon) go for very reasonable prices (or did). Might be worth looking at.

My CSL base is quite powerful enough and the PSU connector is a simple jack, but it is clear of my rig and I allowed a little slack in the cable. I think you may have been unlucky there but a simple repair should suffice. I'd complain to the Fanatec CEO nicely and evidence it, see what happens?

Neil Bywater

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Alcantara is a bit of a pain. But you can clean it up, but think the leather is a better option.

I am getting thumb callouses! But that’s not a build issue.

button caps, yes they crack, I 3D printed some new ones and they’re pretty good and haven’t broken, so think it’s the material they use.

But generally after 18months or so of use and about 1000hrs of F1 2019/20 and ACC it’s holding well.
I have the CSW 2.5 wheelbase and no PSU issue. Perhaps it’s uprated.

my buttons and 22 is actually 21. Error in Fanatec document

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