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XB1 Cutting Across The Front and Spinning Me [LaggyPerson]

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LSEM The Butler

Semi-Pro Karter
Jul 1, 2019
Platform + League: XB1 F1
League Coordinator: VSR RoscoArm
Date: 20/10/2019
Members Involved: LSEM The Butler + ThatLaggyPerson
Coming out of the second DRS zone, I take an inside line to defend against Laggy, while laggy goes to the outside. I take my line maintaining a constant radius through the corner, while LaggyPerson takes a more optimized racing line and cuts across the front of me, spinning me and dropping me from P3 to P12


Pro Karter
Dec 19, 2017

I believe I had the right to go to the inside, as approaching the corner I was ahead of his nose. Furthermore, Butler himself was considerable slower than me around the corner. (215kph compared to around 190kph). I expected him to back out.
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