[Delayed] 7/12/2019 Round 1 @Indianapolis GP Classic - Sign In and Drivers Briefing | ApexOnlineRacing.com

[Delayed] 7/12/2019 Round 1 @Indianapolis GP Classic - Sign In and Drivers Briefing

DOR Martxn

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May 31, 2016
Please copy past the following:

Racing: Yes/No
Your AOR Race Number:
Are you able to host: Yes/No

Track Specific Briefing:


To enter the pits move over into the pit lane before the double row of cones. Strictly no cutting back later from the oval. This will be penalized with a 10 second penalty if caught.

Important information

  • To be able to race you're required to have a race number. To get one you can apply here.
  • You're required to sign in for each race individually. Failing to do so will result in you not being able to race.
  • If you can host, please answer "yes" to the last question. We might be in the situation where we're depended on non AOR staff to host a lobby. This is crucial to be able to run a smooth night with as less delays as possible. So be prepared to help out if you can!
  • Since we're only humans, it can be that we make a mistake which can result in you not receiving an invite. Usually invites start to go out at 7:45 pm UK time. If you haven't received an invite at 7:55 pm we urge you to contact your lobby host or AOR Forza staff immediately via Xbox and/or Discord. We'll usually be able to resolve the issue and get you in. Also please check the live timing sheet to see whether your name is on there.
  • We encourage everyone to join their hosts directly via their Xbox profiles. This is to speed up the set-up process.
Sign in will close one hour before the start of qualy, so Saturday 7/12/2019 7 pm UK time (London)
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