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Here it is again, time to vote for the awards. Again, you may do it now, or after the season ends.

Ive removed the rookie one for obvious reasons, and added best Gr3/gr4 driver and best overall manufacturer..

Fastest Driver - The driver who you think is the fastest over one lap.

Best Qualifier - Not necessarily the fastest, but the person who always gets the most out of their car in qualifying.

Most Consistent Driver - The driver you think is always performing at or above their skill level.

Fairest Driver - The driver who you would most trust going side by side and both drivers coming out clean.

Best Overtaker - The driver who would never seem to be able to get stuck in traffic and always seemed to overtake from next to no opportunities.

Best Defender - The driver who always seemed to keep faster drivers behind even if they shouldn't have been able to.

Best Under Pressure - The driver who never seems to crack under pressure, whatever you throw at them they just don't seem fazed.

Best Wet Weather Driver - The driver which is the best in the wet compared to their dry pace.

Unluckiest Driver - The racing gods clearly didn't like this driver this season and they couldn't catch a break.

Most Improved Driver - The driver who has improved the most since last season.

Best Race - The race which was the most exciting.

Best Single Race Performance - The driver who got more out of the car than they should have done at a single race.

Driver of the Season - The driver you think was the best over the course of the season.

Best Gr3 Driver - The driver that you thought was the best in Gr3 compared to their overall performance.

Best Gr4 Driver - The driver that you thought was the best in Gr4 compared to their overall performance.

Best Manufacturer - The manufacturer you thought was the best over the course of the season. (you may vote for cars that weren't picked)

Best Teammates - Not necessarily the quickest, but the team mates which helped each other and pushed each other to the maximum.

Surprise of the Season - The driver which surprised you the most, whether in a positive or negative manor.

Sweat of the season - The driver or drivers that have put far too much effort into the season.

Funniest Driver - The driver which makes you laugh the most on voice chat.

Driver to watch out for - The driver that has potential but hasn't really shown it all yet.


Slowest GT3 Champion Ever
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Fastest Driver - @HRacingGreen - Yet again, it's the obvious choice. Over one lap, i don't think anyone gets close.

Best Qualifier - Me ;) (if its best at bottling it) - For real though @SolidNinjaSnake probably had the best overall qualifying, numerous front rows this season and finally got his first pole too.

Most Consistent Driver - Again, I think it's gotta be @SolidNinjaSnake. Near enough always in the podium fight, always there or thereabouts.

Fairest Driver - Everyone. Not one driver isn't fair right now imo.

Best Overtaker - @HRacingGreen has gained a lot of positions since lap 1 in both features and sprints this season. I've been nearish the front most races, so I wouldn't really see many.

Best Defender - Possibly due to the nature of the fast car in a straight line this season, but @Hasnain was always one of the harder ones to pass this season.

Best Under Pressure - @SolidNinjaSnake again I think. He's been involved in a lot of close fights and generally seems to win them.

Best Wet Weather Driver - I should have gotten rid of this one. I'm an idiot.

Unluckiest Driver - @Jamie9000000, stop being unlucky in sprints.

Most Improved Driver - Even though he was last season, my vote has to go for @mikmakmok again. He went from solid midfield to fighting with top drivers. Keep at this rate and feature wins will happen soon enough.

Best Race - I'm going to say Brands Sprint. Top two drivers driving at their best and it came down to a final lap showdown.

Best Single Race Performance - @mikmakmok at Laguna. You were the fastest that night ;)

Driver of the Season - Hate doing it, but it's gotta be me for me. I've maybe made one or two small errors in races and maximised basically every single week. Proving once again, it's your bad races that wins championships.

Best Gr3 Driver
@HRacingGreen - 3/4 wins so far, easily the fastest and dominates pretty much every time we're in the cars

Best Gr4 Driver - Myself.

Best Manufacturer - Out of those that were picked, it's gotta be Subaru or Porsche I reckon. Possibly Renault if it were picked (the trophy, not megane)

Best Teammates - The newly named "Purple Pricks" ;)

Surprise of the Season - Not necessarily surprising, but @Wedgybo being top 5 in qualifying multiple times and being top 8 in the championship is a solid season.

Sweat of the season. - Gotta be @mikmakmok

Funniest Driver - @GKRT_PinkiiBoii

Driver to watch out for - I think @BL99DY-NINE has more in him than this season has shown, but generally speaking, everyone is getting better and better every season, and nobody is "under performing" as such.


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Fastest Driver - I do think myself tbh. Not to be full of myself but I think I actually got faster this season thanks to FIA etc., I just didn't/couldn't put the performances together.

Best Qualifier - I've made a few too many errors in quali to be myself, I'd say @Wedgybo and @SolidNinjaSnake together.

Most Consistent Driver - @Browneskiii no question.

Fairest Driver - Everyone really, nobody is an egregious bastard on track.

Best Overtaker - I've not been bad this season tbh, bad starts force comebacks and I got used to that, plus I do maintain I think my braking is the best of anyone. @Browneskiii was at the back for every Sprint so his good results came out of making passes too.

Best Defender - @SolidNinjaSnake, @Hasnain, @Browneskiii and Myself can share this one. I think we're all brickwalls when we need to be.

Best Under Pressure - @Browneskiii (without his quali at least) and @Wobbuffet. Wobbie especially just doesn't mess up under pressure.

Best Wet Weather Driver - Laguna Seca was wet then was it? Because I don't recall any rain this season ;)

Unluckiest Driver - @Jamie9000000 got shafted so regularly.

Most Improved Driver - @mikmakmok the man went from backmarker to frontrunner in 2.5 seasons.

Best Race - Brands Sprint and Interlagos Feature. Me v Browneskii for the win, and we took 1-apiece in each race.

Best Single Race Performance - @Hasnain at Lago Maggiore. Totally untouchable that day. I don't think there was anything I'd have done, just a complete performance.

Driver of the Season - @Browneskiii of course. Unstoppable again.

Best Gr3 Driver -
Myself, I think. I adore the Gr.3 RCZ, and I'd say I've been the fastest in those cars every race.

Best Gr4 Driver -
@Browneskiii of course.

Best Manufacturer -
Subaru I'd say. The Gr.3 isn't great but with a Gr.4 that good its hard to say anything else. On reflection, I think Lamborghini would have been a good choice for the season, or Mercedes. I have plans to return for another CC (fingers crossed) and hopefully take one of those cars to glory.

Best Teammates - Hard to say anyone other than the Team's Champs protagonists really, Ace and WB. BEMMS are the wholesome stalwart as ever.

Surprise of the Season - I was surprisingly poor. @Wedgybo and @mikmakmok mixing it up in the Top 5 more often than not the other positive surprise.

Sweat of the season - I wouldn't know haha, I've not paid attention to game-time much this season really.

Funniest Driver - I like to think I get a few laughs every now and then ;) other wise, everyone in the practice chats has their moments to be honest, always a laugh <3

Driver to watch out for - @leedamastr has something more in him, in the right car, I'm sure. The main one is @LJM_Stevo tbh, so much untapped quality and potential.


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Fastest driver - @HRacingGreen takes this one. Still the cream of the crop for outright pace.

Best qualifier - @SolidNinjaSnake - Although not getting every pole, their qualifying pace has been consistent and strong this season.

Most Consistent - @Browneskiii has done it to a tee this season annoyingly.

Best Overtake - I'm gonna go for @jutngo as he just seems to move up the grid with ease.

Best defender - @Hasnain, I hate having him in front of me.

Under Pressure - @Wobbuffet is a man of steel.

Unluckiest - @Jamie9000000. I mean it just is.

Most improved - @Wedgybo is flying up the standings.

Best race - Brands was mad. Nothing was guaranteed going into the last lap.

Best single race performance - Me at Laguna. It should have been a feature/sprint double. Still mad about it so don't ask.

Best manufacturers - Purple peeps take this one.

Surprise is Wedgy again.

Sweat - Anyone but me.

Funniest - Jack is funny sometimes.

One to watch - @BL99DY-NINE still has something brewing and it worries me.


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Thanks for all the kind words! (y)

Fastest Driver - @HRacingGreen

Best Qualifier - @HRacingGreen

Most Consistent Driver - @Browneskiii

Best Overtaker - @Browneskiii

Best Defender - @LJM_Stevo

Best Under Pressure -

Best Wet Weather Driver - Me because I won my final F1 race of the season in wet conditions haha. :p

Unluckiest Driver - @Jamie9000000

(Bonus one due to the above) Luckiest Driver - 100% me! :LOL:

Most Improved Driver - @Wedgybo

Best Race - From the top of my head, probably Brands Hatch Feature. Anyone could have got that final podium spot!

Best Single Race Performance - @mikmakmok at Laguna Seca.

Driver of the Season - @Browneskiii

Best Gr3 Driver - @HRacingGreen

Best Gr4 Driver - @Browneskiii

Best Manufacturer -

Best Teammates - Subaru Duo

Surprise of the Season - There's quite a lot that I can think of, maybe even some I've forgotten about. For myself, it'd be qualifying 2nd so many times haha. Apart from that, maybe @LJM_Stevo dropping out halfway through the season, as well as @Delaney's surprise return!

Sweat of the season - No idea about others but I'd have to say myself, specifically for Brands Hatch and Nurburgring. I definitely put more time into those tracks than others I think due to them being tracks I was concerned about.

Driver to watch out for - @Wedgybo / @jutngo


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As the season is over now I will do this lol.

Fastest Driver - I'll go for HRG on this one

Best Qualifier - I'd go for SNS this season seemed to put it on the front row more often then not.

Most Consistent Driver - Pretty easy has to be Browneskii

Fairest Driver - No one stands out in this category as generally everyone been fair when battling this season.

Best Overtaker - Normally the sprint races give the best indication in this category so I'd probably have to go with a HRG/Browneskii tie.

Best Defender - Hard to gauge this one as this season I spent a good chunk of it on the defensive.

Best Under Pressure - Hard to call but I'd go for a tie between Browneskii & SNS

Best Wet Weather Driver - The last one to bin it.

Unluckiest Driver - Jamie9000000

Most Improved Driver - I'd give this one to MMM based on how regularly he was competing towards the sharp end this season.

Best Race - I'd go for Nurburgring feature just because of how tight & competitive it was for the whole race.

Best Single Race Performance - MMM & laguna deserves a mention but my vote has to go for Hasnain in the feature @ Lago Mag.

Driver of the Season - Browneskii for obvious reasons

Best Gr3 Driver - HRG

Best Gr4 Driver - Browneskii

Best Manufacturer - Would be easy to point to Subaru but I also think Nissan was good overall for gr.3 & 4 and allowed them to be competitive at nearly every round.

Best Teammates - For this season I'm going to share this between Browneskii + MMM & Hasnain + SNS, as for me both teams excelled in different areas and both have valid claims for best team.

Surprise of the Season - Stevo for calling it a day early.

Sweat of the season - no idea so N/A for me

Funniest Driver - can't really vote on this

Driver to watch out for - Probably be viewed as a controversial vote but I'm going for Meg1S. (if he indeed returns)