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F1 Senna Equivalent
May 28, 2016
Name: Miloš Ančevski (for the tables, you can use Milos Ancevski - even I type my name this way very often! :lol: )
I'm 16, currently first year of secondary school, where I study programming.
F1 fan since 2011, I followed a few races, but I've started following it pretty much every race in 2012, after the European GP, where Alonso won (big fan since then :D ). I've played all the games apart from 2009, since I didn't have a console for that.
Only very recently got a PlayStation so I could play the newer games too.
I've run my own league on F1 2014 on RaceDepartment, together wtih one guy (who later left due to uni work, so pretty much only me). I've also taken part in some rFactor leagues.


GP2 Reserve Driver
Apr 6, 2016
Haaris Parvez, 16

From London. Used to race on here when it was called ARL on PS3, was part of a team called iPro. Lots of F1 League racing experience and played all of CM F1 games and even played F1 2009 on the Wii :D. Current PSGL F1 driver and Moderator aswell. Nearly finished my GCSE's which I've taken this year. Also play a lot of Assetto Corsa on the PC which is a really fun game and recently signed up for the Project CARS league for PC as I'm currently enjoying it a lot :), (Race using a Logitech DFGT on PC which I haven't been bothered to replace since 2012 since its still amazing!)
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