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XB1 Driving Standard Discussion For GOOD REASONS (Better Racing)


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Aug 23, 2016
Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Merhaba, Hallo..

Hope you're all enjoying your Christmas break so far.. :)

I do hate to bring this up during such a great and peaceful time but I feel like it had to be done, especially because we have enough time to discuss and tweak a few things to make racing much better for when we return!

First of all, I hope no one takes any offence from this, as i've made this for everyone's benefit!

Now, after watching all 8 race highlights uploaded so far, and having some visits on the stewards panel, its clear to see that the racing has not been the cleanest so far.. In most of the races, drivers who get a decent quali result end up having their achievements demolished on Lap 1..

I know most people like racing aggressively, and thats completely fine, but do it in a way that no one ends up coming worse of it, to the point where a car bounces into the wall and has their race over before first lap is even finished.. We're supposed to be representing the most popular F1 2016 league/tier in AOR, it doesn't look good on ALL OF US when commentators start asking if its Sprint Mode or AOR.

Australia, Bahrain and China were brilliant, the only incidents caused were from lack of visibility in the rain, or just lag crashes. The reason i think these first 3 races were good were because drivers were more cautious, being more kind to each other as most of us were new to this league.

This is the approach we should be taking to every single race, its proven from those first 3 races that it works!

I think most of you would be on my side when I say that; The mentality I would have if i started mid pack, would be to keep it clean, make sure to get through lap 1 safe, as if you can do that, then thats pretty much the race planned out to be good for you. If you hit or get hit on Lap 1, the chances are that your race result will not be one you hoped for..

Just look back at some of your races, and think; "What if i was more cautious here, or there, how much higher i could have finished, if i didnt hit him and break my wing or spin out"
Just think about it..

I know some of you have been victims so far but its best if you still read this for future reference..

In my honest opinion, we can do much much MUCH better!! We've already proven we can race wheel to wheel, lets keep on doing it.

I'm not scared to say that most the collisions have come from some drivers who have tried to win the race on Lap 1 or Turn 1, Russia & Silverstone being the main examples! I repeat myself when I say, we can do better than that.

IF you want a great result, just keep your nose out of trouble on lap 1, its as simple as that!!! The rest of the race would be one worth to take part in as the field spreads out meaning less risk of colliding, enabling more 1v1 wheel to wheel battling. This should provoke everyone to do the exact same, it will not be a case of one taking advantage of others being cautious..

Those who decide to take out someone from aggressive driving WILL be punished, we already know that, and they WILL learn! Just focus on what you do yourself!

We are all in this Tier because we're the Top 22 best on this game/platform, wanting to race perfectly in such a good league like AOR, so no one should feel less special than each other when racing.

Feel free to add onto this @TRL Limitless @Ycoms @TRL Martin @HCR Cupid @Seiyariu @Finch @Stoo @Jack @RaikoGordon24 @George @CRL Rosberg @Snowyyy @LuckyDog2000 @StreeZ @AndreBCF1997 @Leoobot

(Please tag people if i've missed any)

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Jul 3, 2015
I recommend not dive bombing if you can't get alongside a driver before it is time for him to turn in. A certain someone has been causing a bit too many melees when he divebombs drivers that are mid-corner. I also have hit drivers in the back in the first few laps from China to Austria, but only once has it affected other drivers. But that's not me being aggressive, that's just a complete confidence thing where I tense up and can't drive as precisely around drivers as I know I can.

Another thing to stop incidents I feel, is learning when to back out of a move when you're not alongside enough to warrant space. Some people may not like it but it is clearly stated in the rules that if your front wing is not alongside or ahead of the other car's sidepod, then you don't warrant space and the defender can use the full racing line should he choose to do so. Many drivers believe space should be left at all times, even when the attacker's front wing may only be at the defender's rear wheel. But if it's pretty clear in the rules that you are allowed to effectively run drivers out of road a little bit, I most certainly will do it as it's legal and will give me a better chance of keeping my position. So in my opinion, I think some drivers need to learn when to get on the brakes a little and back out of a move if they are trying a move around the outside and they're not far alongside enough to warrant space, and the defender's intentions are clear that they're going to take the full racing line and not leave room. I've seen a few times where the defending driver has acknowledged this rule and they have chosen to not give space to the attacking driver as they're not far enough alongside, yet the attacker has fully expected space, not backed out and a collision has been caused. A prime example of this is seen in my stewards enquiry with cupid where on Lap 12 Stowe, his front wing is not alongside my sidepod so I decide to use the full racing line. However cupid does not back out and we make slight contact. Ultimately, I wasn't penalised for it. I think more people acknowledging this rule and having the awareness that they may not always get space even although they feel they should, will decrease the amount of collisions.
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TRL Martin

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Jan 13, 2014
As a fan of the leagues since 2011 and a driver since s7, it honestly makes me sad that this has to be addressed and drivers are giving out tips on how to drive. This is the AOR F1 league, the pinnacle of league racing on F1 2016 on the XB1. We shouldn't have a situation where this needs to be addressed regardless of the contact model. Its demotivating for me and im sure to many others who are involved. I think the connection has been poor which hasn't helped but yeah roll on Hungary.
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AOR Reversal

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Apr 12, 2014
Again, I reinstate what I said in the Silverstone thread. It's not a dirty league, and there are many factors that have increased incidents which I have already stated. I don't think this needs addressing, and it's honestly annoying that this is being brought to light again