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Driving Standards

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The Real Moaner

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Jan 14, 2014

When we combined the GP2 and F3 Thursday leagues, we did so in the knowledge that it would take a few races for drivers to get used to racing with each other.

I think it is safe to say that by now, we should all be used to racing with each other, and have the familiarity required to have some good battles whilst remaining on track at all times. Hopefully, this should now result in a decreasing number of incidents.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate a few of the unwritten rules we operate under here to make it clear what is expected of all drivers.

One of the guiding principles of AOR is for the racing to be fair. Above all else, this is a game we all participate in for enjoyment. Fairness is a pre-requisite to remain as a league driver. Please remember this at all times and take care to not negatively impact upon another driver.

Be aware of lag. If another driver veers off track due to likely lag contact, you should not look to take an advantage. If a driver ahead of you is suffering from extreme lag, please take extreme care and leave extra space when overtaking.

When contact is made, please wait for the other driver to rejoin the track before proceeding.

If you veer off track, please only rejoin in a safe manner. This is a bugbear of mine but in real life, you do not just turn right into oncoming traffic. Why should you here?

Be aware of DRS zones. This is more of a personal tip than an instruction. However, is there any merit in going for a dicey overtake when there is a DRS zone in the next straight?

Overtaking drivers need to be aware of the limitations of lesser able drivers. I realise that tyre degradation is bringing the field closer together at certain times but you do not have a right to get past. Equally though, you do not need to stay behind a slower car when there is a legitimate opportunity to overtake.

Further, this does not give defending drivers the right to unnecessarily impede quicker drivers. Firstly, consider whether your defence is actually slowing you down. Secondly, be aware of the likely speed differential and ensure you leave sufficient space at all times in line with the regulations.

A special note to reserve drivers. You race here at the invitation of all league drivers. Whilst this should not cause you to drive in a different manner, it is worthwhile to remember this as if you are constantly involved in race incidents, then this could eventually lead to the invitation being withdrawn. I trust this will not be required.

Please note that this message is not aimed at any person or persons. It is more of a gentle reminder as to what is expected. It applies to everyone and if necessary, going forward we will look to ensure these rules are strictly enforced.

If anyone has any problems with this, please let either Ali or I know. I am now locking this thread as there is no need for any responses.


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