Elite Dangerous, to the stars !


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Hi all,

Other than sim racing stuff, anyone here plays Elite Dangerous ?

Epic store gives it away until November 26th (well, at least for France, not sure it's international), so if you want to try, now it's the time.

I got it something like 2 years ago, and played on and off since then. I'm no expert but I can help you to get started. And I would be happy to wing (team) up.
And in case you wonder if you need joystick, the answer is no. Unlike flight sim, keyboard and mouse is perfectly fine for control.




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I picked it up earlier this year on Xbox and really enjoyed it. I probably put two months solid in it just traveling, doing cargo missions and even made a trip to Colonia. But I haven't really played it for a few months and now my ship is in deep space about only halfway back from Colonia, lol. It's such a grind, that trip. I've been spending most of my gaming time doing stage rally on Dirt Rally 2, but hope you are able to find a wingman or two.