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XB1 End of Season 1

Shaw lXl

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 28, 2015
So... there we have it, Season 1 is over and I'd like to start by thanking you all for being patient with this slightly broken game and taking part over the past 7 weeks! I've put in the Final Standings, Manufacturer Standings and some awards based on Stats.

Final Standings:

Manufacturers Standings:

GT3 Pro Season 1 Awards

Most Wins: @Shaw lXl & @Atticus - Tied with 2

Most Poles: @thelivingdead69 & @Atticus - Tied with 2

Most Podiums: @Shaw lXl - 4

100% Attendance: @blizzardwizard @Smifficle @Shaw lXl

The Houdini Award (Most Quits) : @Wookie pete

Thanks again for racing folks, have a good off-season and we'll hopefully meet again on the track :)

@Atticus @thelivingdead69 @Smifficle @blizzardwizard @George @JackG @TC92 @McMilanCZ @Wookie pete @matthewsdea @Meireloso @Diogo @Fatboy1791 @Devastation @FlameDragon72
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