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PC End of Season Evaluation


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Jan 14, 2014
Aaand that was Apex Online Racing Season 16! I would like to thank every single one of you for joining this season, it has been a great season with some fantastic races.

Now, let's see who takes home which prizes!

  • The F10 Season 16 AOR Drivers Champion: @Sweatu for Sauber
  • The F10 Season 16 AOR Runner-Up: @MrPanda-6 for McLaren

  • The Constructors Champions: Sauber - @Sweatu & @E4SY
  • The Pole Position Trophy: @boxen for Mercedes [5 Pole Positions]
  • The DHL Fastest Lap Award: @Sweatu for Sauber & @BlackPanthor for Red Bull [both 3 Fastest Laps]

Now all the prizes are out of the way, here are some other fun statistics & facts.

  • Despite being his biggest rivals in the championship, Champion @Sweatu has not shared a podium with either Runner-Up @MrPanda-6 or 3rd-place finisher @xDerpOG all season!
  • The longest consecutive podium streak this season is held by @xDerpOG & @DwergC - they both managed to finish on the podium 3 times in a row. @xDerpOG did it at Hungary-Belgium-Italy, winning the Belgium Grand Prix. @DwergC finished 2nd in Belgium, and won the 2 races after in Italy & Singapore.
  • Three drivers started every single race this season - @MrPanda-6, @xDerpOG & @Mali Baćo. @MrPanda-6 came closest to a 100% finishing rate, but unfortunately DNF'ed in the Italian Grand Prix.
  • Out of the 24 drivers that started a race this season, 16 managed to pick up a podium! Champion @Sweatu visited the podium most often, a total of 10 times!
  • Out of these 16 drivers, half of them won at least 1 race [8 different winners]. Again, @Sweatu had the most with 7 wins!
  • Right at the end of the season, @TheVerenzak got himself in the spotlight by DNF'ing 3 races in a row. The only driver to have managed that all season. What a pleb!

Now, I would you to reflect on the season and make your own (short) season summary.
  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
  • What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
  • How would you rate your overall season?
  • Will you be back for Season 17?
Again, thank you all for this season. It has been a pleasure hanging out and racing against you all, and I hope to see you back next season :)

@Levingston @Neil Bywater @Sweatu @Beyond @DwergC @E4SY @Frihman @Ranger @boxen @Diallo @xDerpOG @djole74 @Katrer @earicx @Mali Baćo @defisparta @cata82 @MrPanda-6 @BoomSonK @Billamy @BlackPanthor @Dominy @leenvollaard


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 9, 2018
There I am,

Of course I started as a rookie in F10, but due to some experience in doing the races I started to enjoy it more and more. Unfortunately after Canada I decided to leave AOR, which I regretted afterwards. Had nice results for that. After doing nothing for a few months I missed AOR and asked if I could come back. Unfortunately F10 was full at that time and I was placed in F9. And then you think you're driving a level higher, but personally I found F10 that there were more drivers that had the same level. In the end I also made it to the podium a few times in F9 and also won the USA and pole a few times. Of course I also kept track of every race that had won the F10, because I enjoyed seeing that, so I experienced everything. I heard from people that they quit, but also that they go on. I hope to see many of you next season and hopefully in the same league.


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Sep 8, 2018
First of all a big thank you to the DNF_in_a_row "pleb" champ: @TheVerenzak :))), awesome job in keeping this league organized and structured. Also thanks to @Neil Bywater for helping with the organization.

Regarding my season:

  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? -> not really achieved what i wanted in regards to performance: points in every race. Then-again, i am the real "pleb-noob" when it comes to online league racing, so i think i underestimated what competing in a league season means. But i achieved my other goal of gaining experience in league racing.
  • What was your highlight / surprise of the season? -> hmm, surprised of the great community of people in our league. Was pleasantly surprised by the level of interaction between us, ranging from discussions before and after the races up to off-race organized practice sessions. Truly excellent!
  • How would you rate your overall season? -> fun fun fun and a solid 6 out of 10 for me. Need to be present in more races, missing 8 or 9 races is not really something to brag about. Learned a lot though and in the second half of the season i managed to sustain fights without making mistakes, not many penalties and driving altogether clean. Not too fast but not too slow either :).
  • Will you be back for Season 17? -> hell yeah, can't wait for it.


Formula 3 Test Driver
May 1, 2018
  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
    • Ahead of this season I wanted to score points regularly, have fun and improve. It's safe to say that I achieved that and more. 3 podiums and 1 win is more than I could have hoped for, especially considering that I ahead of the season thought I was going to be racing at the back.
  • What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
    • The main highlights were Monaco (My first podium of the season) and Austria (My first win in AOR). Abu Dhabi wasn't too bad either!
  • How would you rate your overall season?
    • 8.5/10. A perfect season apart from a few silly mistakes and bad races (Australia, Baku, Spain, Singapore and more)
  • Will you be back for Season 17?
    • Of course! Despite the game being a bit of a buggy mess, I enjoy league racing on this game a lot. I have been league racing for less than a year, which means I am still improving, and I wanna see how far I can climb up the leagues.

Mali Baćo

Assetto Corsa Coordinator
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AC Coordinator
Jun 17, 2018
Brace yourselves, a long essay is coming. :)

First of all I'd like to thank @TheVerenzak for doing his job really good and being a great guy to chat and race. Also thanks to everyone who took part in organizing and hosting all 21 sessions of this season. It really was a great experience and it got me addicted quite easily, so I'm loking to improve even more in the coming seasons and maybe win something one day. :)

Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?

Now I'll reflect to what I wrote earlier and I can't beleive how much of things I have accomplished.

This was my writing on Driver Introduction thread. I can say that I really accomplished more than I even thought would be possible in a debut season. Probably noone will be telling their grandchildren about my season but still I'm really proud of what I've acheived in this season. :D

As for my expectations, I don't know what should I expect other than fair and square racing. Maybe this? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Then there was this in Main Thread, when we did the recap of 2018 part of the season.

What are your hopes/expectations for the rest of the season?
Other than that, I would really love to get vendetta for Monaco and end up on a podium before the season ends. I would love to end it in top 10 among drivers, preferably in front of all the midfielders.
Start of 2019 was really a turning point for me. I improved dramatically from challenging to get into top 10 to challenging for podium and even wins. So I asked here for one podium, in the end I got five. I wanted to end the season in top 10, I ended up 5th and I am the highest placed non-winning driver, which I would consider being top of the midfielders. So, everything is in order!

What was your highlight / surprise of the season?

Still, I would like to have had at least one win, but that was not in sight at the end of 2018. It got in my sight once I got on my first and only pole in Hungary. It is the closest track (~350 km) from my place, so I consider it my "home" race and you always want to be placed good in front of your crowd. However, I bottled the start and dropped to P3 instantly so it was kind of a shock to me. The fact that I got stuck in pits and lost a lot of positions because others stopped under VSC was nerve cracking. So, I decided to take one lap at a time and it really paid off, so I was set to win but a reserve driver decided to be a complete a****le and turn me in for a slight incident in the opening laps, which dropped me down the order and stripped me off my win.

Other than Hungary, I really loved the race in USA where I was challenging @xDerpOG for the win in the closing laps, but game decided to take the position away from me even though I was ahead. Never mind that I would finish below after penalties, to me it was prestigious to get that track position and cross the line first. Other than those two, I would still like to highlight Monaco for my great drive and Germany for great battles with Red Bull drivers.

One of the highlights was the rivalry between @BlackPanthor and myself and I feel bad because I overtook him on his absence in the last race but it was full of respect and it was great fun.

How would you rate your overall season?

So, before Xmas holidays I gave it a 6/10 but now I am more than happy to rate it 9/10 (would be 10 if I won a race) because I am so proud of my second half of this season, but also on how clean and friendly everyone was in the split. Kudos to everyone reading this!

Will you be back for Season 17?

It's hard to say because of all the people that made Season 16 stellar, but I will not be racing in Season 17. I have made a decision to leave F1 racing for at least the next season because I'm unsatisfied about how people with TV Pod cameras have a much greater advantage over Cockpit cam , how some really odd strategies, that no F1 team could come up with, work out amazingly and how strange setups work out in the end. Also I am disappointed by amount of screen freezes (mainly because of that achievement) which made me lose track positions and randomness of VSC/SC appearence.

So I would like to announce that I am switching to Endurance League on Project CARS 2. I will compete in GTE class, probably driving a Ford. Other than that, I am interested to join Formula 3 league on Assetto Corsa if it goes forward.

You always meet people twice. I would really like to see each of you again in the future and drink a few beers! If anyone is passing through Novi Sad or Belgrade in Serbia, please let me know if you want to meet up!

I would like to thank these particular people (in alphabetical order of game tag) for making my season exceptionally good:

- My rival in early stages of this league with huge respect. We had great times on and off the track so it made me sad to see him depart our league but I was glad to see him back in the contention.

@BlackPanthor - A great rival, companion and advisor. Our battle for sixth in the Championship was eventful and full of ups and downs. We supported each other in hard times, envied in great times but respect was always on track so it's a great friendship, at least to me.

@TheVerenzak - Once again for putting this up and keeping it in order. Very informative down-to-Earth guy and great post race chat always. We didn't meet on track much, but off track I think a great personality that helped me and the others settle in the league. Thank you for all the advices as well and I think we could have had a great scrap if we met on more occasions. Congratulations on "Pleb of the Year" award too!

@xDerpOG - Great chat after every race, but also a great competitor on track. Our battle in the closing laps in Hungary, as well as USA, did raise my heartbeat and pushed me to be wise in battles. Sadly, on both occasions I lost out to him by an external factor, but that is a part of racing as well. Great guy and congrats on P3!

@Diallo - Very funny guy with amazing commentary skills (if you understand German). I felt really bad to overtake him in Hungary to challenge for the win after his spinout, but that is how racing can be unpredictable. Also a great companion in practice sessions and a consistent racer.

@djole74 - The best teammate I could have imagined. Seeing a compatriot in the split made me feel more secure as we could overcome the language barriers and easily understand what the other guy wants. We both pushed Toro Rosso to fight Ferrari guys for championship but they edged us out by a small margin, well deserved.

@Frihman and @Neil Bywater - Great team rivals who absolutely deserve that 7th place. One of the highlights for me was battling the Cavalry duo in Spa - that was really intense and made me learn a few lessons as well! By the way I don't think there is a person who gained on my penalties as much as Frihman did! You owe me at least a beer!

@Levingston - Great time off track but our battles were even better. A lot of practice sessions together and a lot of wheel to wheel action when it really mattered. I felt really nice seeing him get up on podium in USA because he really deserved it. We had a shameful accident in Italy but humility and respect he showed have overshadowed broken heart and wheels and I would really like to race him again in the future. Amazing guy!

I could go on for miles and miles, but I want to keep it readable. It was great meeting all of you, through ups and downs I learned a lot and overall had a great time. I would really love to race each and everyone of you again in the future, and I am sure that we will meet again! <3
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 12, 2018
Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
I was hoping for a bit more but yeah.. with 5 DNS and 4 DNF i can be proud with that p7 spot and with 6 podiums and 3 fastest laps ^^ even tho i wanted to have at least one win
What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
My highlight was the amazing battle i had in Germany with @Mali Baćo and in britain with @boxen , which both races were battle until the end of the race :) My suprise of the season was the drs failures i had in almost 50% of the races i did. Not sure what codies meant with that to me but i think they loved to give me Wings (or not).
How would you rate your overall season?
I would give it a 6/10 . Im proud with what ive done but not with the mistakes i made which costed me many points. The european races were probably my best ones and sadly enough i couldnt bring it home as i was expecting it in Belgium but next time i will get my revenge ;) .
Will you be back for Season 17?
Im sure im gonna be back! only thing is with my school stuff i need to watch out a bit and probably with some other busy stuff but i would be honoured to have another season here :)

Big thanks again to everyone here who were supernice to me and everyone else ^^
hopefully i can see you all next season again :D


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Jun 17, 2016
Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
I did indeed. With the targets I gave myself at the start of the season, I surprisingly achieved them all pretty early on.

What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
My surprise would be my Monaco pole. I was surprised that I got it in the first place but more surprised by how much. (-0.266)

However my highlight of the season would have to be the following weekend when I got my first ever league racing win (first podium too) at my home race in Montreal. I would put this race above others because I had to do a lot of overtaking to get it. I qualified P12 that weekend and opted for a 1 stop starting of the harder tires.

How would you rate your overall season?
9/10. While it wasn't perfect, it was damn good. I made a few costly mistakes throughout the season but for my first season, it went a lot better than expected.

Will you be back for Season 17?
100% yes and I hope to be racing with a bunch of you again.

Throughout the season I've had some really good times on and off track with most of you so thanks for that and here's to more!


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Oct 12, 2017
Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
Absolutely. I wanted to start at all races, which I managed to do except for the Monaco GP. I wanted to be in the top 10 at the end of the season. I always wanted to cross the finish line, no matter what position I was in. Unfortunately, there were three DNFs, of which the Baku GP was especially painful, because I was 5 laps before the end without any danger from behind to place 3 and that could have easily gone home. All in all, I improved my skills, was more consistent, calmer and concentrated.

What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
My personal highlights were Hungary and Russia.
My pace in Hungary was surprisingly good and I had found a balanced and above all tyre-friendly setup, which would have brought me almost a victory if I hadn't made an unnecessary driving mistake again shortly before the end, which cost me too much time and part of my front wing. Until this spin it was a very intense and exciting race for me.
In Russia I started from the last position and at the end of the race I stood on the top podium of the award ceremony. My first AOR victory. I think you don't forget something like that so fast. Because of the fatal accident during the qualification I had to change my racing strategy and be fast enough during the race not to get into the duels directly in the midfield after my pit stop. In fact, I managed to do just that and I had been free for most of the race and although I crossed the finish line in third place, I won the race. No time penalties during the Russian GP. Awesome.

How would you rate your overall season?
I can say that I was looking forward to every race and it was a lot of fun to drive against all of you. I wanted to join AOR because lobbying wasn't fun. You don't know the drivers, the drivers drive according to the principle: "I don't care about anything and I risk everyone and overtake even in places where it's impossible". Often it ends in an accident and the race is over. With AOR it should be different. And from my point of view, we all managed it from a certain point on. Of course racing accidents are not always avoidable and Codemasters Netcode is also not helpful when it comes to precise wheel-to-wheel driving. But I think that after the first 4 or 5 races we had this under control and could reduce our avoidable accidents to a minimum.
So at this point I can only say: thank you very much to all of you. It was a lot of fun with you. Many thanks to all AOR staff members @TheVerenzak. You are doing great. And that's exactly what I mean.

Will you be back for Season 17?
I very much hope so. That depends on the dates and I will discuss it with my family just as I did for season 16 and decide afterwards. But my goal is to be there.

I don't want to mark any more names here, because I'd be afraid I'd forgotten anyone. Only so much at the end: I wish you all all the best, much success for your further Simracing career, stay healthy, always treat your fellow men respectfully, don't be racist, the world is too small for this nonsense, focus on the essentials and remain steadfast.

Thanks to my fans and thanks to Claire Williams and the whole Williams team for this car. Who would have thought that we wouldn't be in last place this year and could even beat Renault?


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 15, 2017
Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
Actually, no. I lost A LOT of points in the European section of the season. Too many DNF's and couple DNS's didn't help as well. Even though by driving with amazing drivers, I think I improved my driving level yet again like very other season I have been in.

What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
I got couple. First my poduim in USA was very cool. I actually loved driving under wet conditions which helped me a lot. The fight between me and @Diallo was a real highlight material. I won the fight in USA yet he actually took his revenge in Mexico as we also had an amazing and respectful fight. Also almost every fight I had with @Mali Baćo was very exciting. Italy was a shame obviously (even though we handled the situation nothing more than mutual respect) but other than that every fight throughout the calendar was very,very exciting.

How would you rate your overall season?
I was havingg fun in almost every race to be honest. Many of the mistakes demotivated me but after a while I figured out that there is a margin to grind on, to improve myself on so I always was enthusiastic about the practice sessions and training myself. Thankfully a gentlement he is @Mali Baćo hosted many practice sessions so I could make some racing simulations during those. I feel like after the first half of the season the carnage level went down and it became even more fun to race. Nonetheless, preformance wise it was one of my worst seasons.

Will you be back for Season 17?
Most likely, yes. I never know these things until the time has really come for me to decide. So we will see. I might change my field and go for another discipline under AOR.

Some final words and special shoutouts then:

@TheVerenzak: This was my third season in AOR and Cas has been my only team mate throughout my whole AOR journey. I could have not asked for a better team mate at all! The guy is humble, helpful and very understanding. He even has the the team spirit even though we had equal cars. And obviously I think I don't have to tell that he has been an amazing director yet again. Hopefully I can see you driving the sister car with me next season.

@Mali Baćo: The disciplined yet playful guy of the grid. He never lost any bit of his respect to other drivers. One of the cleanest and respectable, enjoyable to race drivers I have ever seen in AOR so far. Thank you for all the hosted practice sessions and great convos post races. Even though we had an incident in Italy, thanks to the really gentleman spirit he has, we figured that out in just 5 minutes. Also great job with securing P5 in the standings. Such a great, humble guy! Hopefully I will see around and race with you yet again.

@Diallo: The perfect streamer and the other joker of the grid. All the fights we had on the track was extra special in my opinion. Was always fun to talk and race with you mate! I will definately follow your videos and streams for sure. It was great to have you on the grid!

@xDerpOG: Such a humble, respectable and kind guy over here. True gentleman on and off the track! He is also very fast on track when it really matters as we see two poles in Monaco and USA with 4 victories over the whole season. Great job on the P3 in the standings.

@Neil Bywater: First of all, thank you for hosting many of the races. Actually I think this was my second season with you and I can easily say that it was very fun to go into wheel to wheel action with you on track mate. Great personality as well!

Anyway, boys! This was one hell of a ride! Thank you for great respect and kindness that you have shown throughout the whole season! I hope I will see you all in future again!
At least until next season,
Levi out.


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 29, 2017
  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? My goal was to get at least one win however I feel like I could've achieved a lot more this season. A lot of unecessary DNF and chokes.
  • What was your highlight / surprise of the season? Biggest surprise was Singapore where I had barely any practice but still managed to keep a good pace throughout the race.
  • How would you rate your overall season? Probably a 4/10, I missed a lot of races which impacted my end result.
  • Will you be back for Season 17? For sure!


Formula Karter
Jan 15, 2019
1. Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
- I came to up my pace and be more consistent, and I think I did so.

2. What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
- I drove 3 races and I think my biggest surprise was my fastest lap in Brazil.

3. How would you rate your overall season?
- with only 3 races done, I don't know how to rate this season... probably 5/10

4. Will you be back for Season 17?
- Offcourse! I am gonna drive my first full season and hopefully compete for the podium.


Pro Karter
Sep 5, 2018
Big thanks to @TheVerenzak for great work throughout the season! My first ever experience in league racing and I really enjoyed racing wheel to wheel with similar people as myself, so thanks to all of you.

I will probably not be back in AOR until next winter, as I enjoy the outdoor life too much in spring-summer-autumn back here in Sweden. Also hoping for a better experience from Codemasters when it comes to multiplayer gameplay.

Good luck to you all in your future AOR careers!


S16 AOR PC F10 Champion
Mar 26, 2018
  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? -> Yes, i wanted to become champion (actually that was my goal in the last season which was my first season but it should be in every season the goal) and i did it!
  • What was your highlight / surprise of the season? -> I had a lot of Highlights in this season, my win in monaco came very unexpected because i know how easy it is to do mistakes and my training didnt felt really good. I am proud of my consistency and race pace because i know it different and Q P 15 in australia was no surprise for me. And at last i think my win in Germany was really good, because after @xDerpOG won his home race in canada i never thought of this before and i wanted to win my home race too. It felt bad to start from 5th or 6th idk anymore because for this race i really put effort in training and even did wet sessions... the battles with @xDerpOG and both red bull drivers were a lot of fun but i was happy to pull away and got in a good rhythm to get that dominant win ...
  • How would you rate your overall season? -> i would rate it 9/10 because it was really good but of course there were some mistakes and i didnt won every race :p
  • Will you be back for Season 17? -> Yes for sure


Formula Karter
Sep 5, 2018
  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
    • Yes, definitely, the goal for me this season was to finish high and get some podiums here and there.
  • What was your highlight / surprise of the season?
    • There were a lot of highlights for me this season, but the one that stood out was Abu Dhabi. Damn that fight I had with @xDerpOG was amazing.
  • How would you rate your overall season?
    • 8/10 -> Could have done more practice and all, but sadly the motivation just went to mars.
  • Will you be back for Season 17?
    • Definitely