Endurance Practice - Redbull Ring - 60 mins - 09/05/19 | ApexOnlineRacing.com

Endurance Practice - Redbull Ring - 60 mins - 09/05/19


Formula Karter
Nov 6, 2018
If I don't have anything come up between now and when this event is, I'll be there as I really need to practice xD

Andrew Harper

Pro Karter
Aug 2, 2018
Well I brought a Toyota to an Audi party but apart from that I can’t be too unhappy.

My pace wasn’t great but the only mistakes I made were catching puddles and half spinning a few times and as I haven’t raced PC2 since March I’d forgotten about it’s little annoyances like trying to confirm wets at the pitstop! Lol. I set them as a strategy but the pit crew didn’t fit them so I lost a lot of time trundling back around.

A bit of contact with back markers so sorry for those that I bumped into to.

First time I’ve driven the car tonight so I just need to lean on them more and find their limits. I wasn’t pushing hard enough for sure.
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