PS4 - Evaluation Race #1: 15th September 8PM UK |

PS4 Evaluation Race #1: 15th September 8PM UK

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Dale Stones

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May 10, 2015
Was going around half a second quicker on my last qualy run before binning it on the exit of the final corner.

Race started horribly. Couldn't get a rhythm going. Hit what I think was a spinning Sauber at one point, which caused me to go off, sending me too last. Pitted for mediums and sorted myself out. Pace improved as did the consistency before finishing 15th. Good race everyone.


S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Nov 27, 2016
I fairly enjoyed that race. Got to lead for a few laps after others ahead pitted and then towards the end of the race I was in 3rd fighting off three drivers who I had a nice battle with until the inevitable happened and they passed me. Literally one passed me and then they all did haha. So finished in 6th after a poor qualifying.
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F1 Coordinator
Sep 15, 2016
I figured I was going to be the slowest guy in the first eval race, I was. I did a couple laps in qualifying and pitted to stay out of they way. Only turned a :33 and I know I am a couple seconds faster. Still knew I would be at back of pack though. Plan was to sit back at start and see if I had the pace of anyone in front of me. My start was ok. I had a great view of Aero_Blake making a left turn into bzahh. Lol. I struggled a bit the first two laps and then on lap 3, while avoiding a spin in T11 , bzahh closed right up behind me. When we got to T13 he got just under my right rear tire and we both spun. Did my best to stay consistent but struggled from there. Caught up to @Donks and had the pace to pass but I had ruined my tires and spun before I had the chance. It was down hill from there. Lead guys were catching up and I did a lot of pulling over to let them by safely. While I enjoyed it, I was glad that race was over.


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Jan 1, 2017
Quali: P15
Race: P14
A poor race from my point of view. Qualifying wasn't the best, on my last run I caught up to @Gamer_DA_best262 in an awkward part of the track and my lap was ruined. Didn't matter too much cos I was down on my best time anyway. My best lap was a bit dodgy - track extension at turn 7 and corner cut at turn 10.
Had a weird glitch at the start where my car actually reversed slightly on the grid before the start of the race. On lap 1 I locked the rears at turn 9 and tapped @Gamer_DA_best262 so sorry if that affected you in any way. Tried to be cautious in the first few laps, avoiding any pile ups and spins as best I could.
After that just ran my own race. I planned on doing a one stop but my tyre wear was horrendous so committed to a 2 stop early on. Tried to catch upto @ii_Deccaaaaa_ii in the on SS but pace wasn't great I couldn't get close enough and then I bottled a few corners on the last lap. Had no confidence on the brakes and oversteer on exits so overall a bit of a crap race for me. Anyways gg to @Simo911 on the win and thanks to @clarky_110 for hosting
I put the race director at the end but I will post screenshots when I do my signup.
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