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PC Evaluation Race #2: Friday September 23rd 8PM UK


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 17, 2014
Qualifying Position: 5th
Qualifying Time: 1:47.323
Finishing Position: 3rd



Formula 3 2nd Driver
Sep 15, 2016
Qualifying Position: P1
Qualifying Time:1:46,555
Finishing Position: 4th
I had a pretty good Qualifying although my fastest lap wasn't without a mistake. I was happy about my pace when the race started, but already in lap 2 I lost a lot of grip and had to go for softs in lap 3 after Fanatec and Nukka passed me. I had kind of much traffic on my Outlap so I thought Nukka would rejoin in front of me but he rejoined 2 seconds behind of me. Unfortunately Fanatec on his old Softs didn't really get slower, so I wasn't able to catch up to him. As my tires started to go off the cliff I pited for another set of Softs (my big mistake this evening) in lap 11 or 12 I think. After Nukka came out of the pits one lap later I had around 5 seconds of a comfortable lead. I was even able to extend my lead to 7 seconds but on lap 20 or something my tires finally got off the cliff. They were seriously 100% woren on the front. So I lost a lot of time in the last laps and unfortunately also 2 positions. As my fuel started to get empty on the last lap I was even threatened by the cars behind but managed just to stay in front. Pace was there but hasn't been used the best way:d
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Premium Member
Premium Member
Jun 17, 2016
did not get my own race director screenshot, so i hope this would work. :)

Q: 13
QT: 01:49:215
R: 12

Got a good start, failed with my pit stradegy, didnt get medium on and last pit stop i got my worn soft tyre on with 100 % with 4 laps to go. but nice race anyway. :)