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X360 F1 2010 - 5 race season - 19/04/2015 @ 18.00

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F1 Senna Equivalent
Nov 23, 2014
As @Joshua Suttill suggested a season on F1 2010 would be great fun so I will set this up and if you are interested just put your name down with a car and if we get 7 or 8 people we can do a season. The season will be 5 races of 10 or 20% on the date in the title. I think in that game you can created a custom season for multiplayer but if not I will keep track of points. Races will be decided on the night of if you have a track you definitely want tell me when you sign up.

@CAMER0N64 will drive the Virgin
@Mattsaj will drive the HRT
@Taylor Reynolds will drive the Ferrari
@Jack Carr Riley will drive the Red Bull
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Jan 10, 2015
I'm interested probraly 10% races also choose race tracks not on the calendar now


GP2 1st Driver
Feb 9, 2014
HRT please?

I don't know if @Mike foster would be interested in this, but it should be a good thing to fill some time to F1 2015.

I'd prefer it to be a monday night event and as far as i'm aware Foss could make it on a Monday too, but we'll see :)


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Jan 10, 2015
Like I said in my above post I am away on Wednesday I can now only race Monday or Sunday