PS4 - F1 2015 Season 11 - Time Trial Event |

PS4 F1 2015 Season 11 - Time Trial Event

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Andrei Codreanu

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Jun 12, 2014
AOR F1 Leagues - Season 11
PS4 - Time Trial Event

Time Trial Event:

In order to judge your pace and assign you to an appropriate league, you will need to set time trial times at 3 specified tracks - Spain, Belgium and Brazil - using the Mercedes car. When done, post your times in this thread. You can post more than once and update your times, all times will be shown in a table to determine splits, please remember to post a screenshot of the time you did and make sure it has the sector times for us to input into the table and also if you update your times, then edit your original post please. Also make sure that it is visible which assists were used/not used, but also what your best time in the current session it was, as this will be the counted time for this event.
We do not accept times from older sessions, as these could have been done under an old version of the game, which did have a slightly different detection system for track limits, or still some bugs that could be exploited.

As an example you can take the following screenshot, where you can see a clear difference between session best and the personal best times. Of course the time from the session best will be taken into account for this event.


Posts which do not contain any update in regards to the set times, will be deleted. Please use the Main discussion Thread for any questions.

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Arwin Ourang

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Apr 4, 2016
I also took a screenshot from the leaderbord to show you the date when I set my fastest lap around the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Brazil. I never set a competitive lap there, so that's why it's my fastest.


Andrei Codreanu

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jun 12, 2014


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Feb 10, 2015
Time Trail Table added to first post

@RealJewell766 we are missing your TT times from Belgium and Brazil

@Bcolt93 @Birkoff @HRacingGreen @BeMu @Sean B @REYLAP_93 @baba99jaga @F1exy @Ali Kidd @Androskat @Alex Varic @Joey @Right_foot_left_foot @kiran @DON SILVA @Trmcglone @Sam Bethune @Anton Mineev @Win_Zards we are missing all of your TT times.

Guys, please do submit your TT times until the deadline, as otherwise you will not be assured of a spot for Season 11. Please tell us in this thread if you can't do the laps in time.
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Sep 9, 2014
I can't complete the time trail until 27th April at the earliest (which is just before I can start the league)