PC F1 2020 Social Test Race [16/07/20 08:00pm UK] - 50% Hungary


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I will take whatever is open (I think it is alfa romeo, otherwise I can run reserve)

Jackle Jack7

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I would also like to join. Not sure if I'd be first or second lobby or reserve but just in case I am second lobby I would prefer a mercedes. Otherwise if there is open seat in first lobby I'll take whatever is left. Thanks


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joining this will be my first online race but if there is a space available I would love to be apart of the testing. Not too bothered on what car/team but will sure take a seat if there is one open in first lobby I'll take whatever is left... gl hf :D


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If you are mentioned as #3 or #4 below a team, it means you will be in the second lobby. Another 16 drivers can still join at this point.