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PC F1 Brazil - Glitched Race Result - Position Swap Wanted

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Bereznay Dani

Reigning S14 AOR PC F1 Champion
Nov 1, 2014
Platform + League: PC F1
League Coordinator: @Fehler3
Date: 26/01/2020
Members Involved: @Michael Romanidis @Bereznay Dani
Hi. On yesterday's race, although I overtook Micheal just before the start-finish line in the last lap - the game still handed me the second positon and not the first one. I think it is clearly seen from my LiveStream (time pointed link: but if not working: 1:06:50 (lap36/36) and the screenshot that Michael made of the race finish in theatre mode: that the clear winner of that race is myself, therefor I would like to get the first two positions swapped in the official results.Thank you.
1: Screenshot

2: video link:
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