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F1 Calendar and Server Thread

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Sam Carpenter

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Nov 16, 2017


All of the tracks and the car for this season are packaged to the server, which means that you do not have to download them ahead of the season. Make sure you have the auto mod installer on your PC and you will be good to go whenever you join our server.

The server details will be given to drivers upon request. This is a private and paid server, so please do not share the details of the server to drivers outside of the league without permission.

There will be a downloads section on the new AOR website where large files can be downloaded (such as the public mod). It also means people with slower broadband connections can download mods and tracks ahead of time.

Many hours and lots of hard work, as well as money, went into this mod, so if you wish to share it, there will be a public version available. Do not give away the version that is used for official races - please be considerate.

You can donate to the running costs of the server at the following PayPal link, donations are greatly appreciated by the rFactor team!


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