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F1: Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [09/11/14 - 8:00pm]


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Jan 12, 2014
Well the race didn't go as bad as I was expecting beforehand (I was fearing I'd have to fight to avoid getting lapped) despite still ending up last out of the finishers. The online car seemed to have quite a bit more grip than the GP mode car I was practicing with, so I found quite some time in qualifying even though it was only good enough for 8th, 1.6s off pole. Got passed by the two cars behind me off the line and through turn 1, but ended up ahead of @TRL Limitless and @TyranoTigger due to their incident. Didn't have the pace to keep JD behind, and then made a mistake to let @George and Tigger through as well.

From that point I expected to get left by myself in last place, but luckily I had Franglish (George) to keep me company at the back. He kept ending up just ahead of me after the pit stops and I was able to keep up with him reasonably well for most of the stints, occasionally dropping out of DRS range and then working my way back in. Had a few attempts at getting past him, but couldn't pull it off, and could never stay close enough through the last corner to have a proper go with DRS. Franglish looked to be struggling on the final lap and I got REALLY close to getting ahead of him on the run to the flag, but he was just a few inches too far ahead. So I had to settle for what turned into 9th place with @TRL Rosberg's unfortunate disconnection.

At least I got off the mark in terms of points, but I expect a bigger struggle in Malaysia with more cars on the grid.

Shame about the first corner accident as well, especially after I told people in the chat to take it easy. I'll have to see the footage from that, but sounded like someone was being too aggressive at the start. Also heard reports during the race of people cutting corners which is disappointing...

Even though I wasn't as slow as I feared, it was still an annoying feeling to drive around feeling relatively uncompetitive. I know I will probably be struggling to score points in many of the races this season and someone always has to finish last, which I have to accept will be me at times, but it's still annoying considering where I was on F1 2013 where I felt good, to now seemingly lose it all on F1 2014. I hope this race was more down to the fact that I had done very little practice more so than me losing my driving skill or being hampered by using a wheel. Time will tell.
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Jan 15, 2014
So causing a crash that spins 2 drivers off is now considered a minor mistake. Nice to see how much standards have changed in this league since I last drove though.
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