F1: Round 12 - Belgian Grand Prix [Re-Race 22/03/15 - 8:00pm]

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FFS game... :banghead:

I'll have a look at this situation and see if I can figure out the correct action to take. Whatever happens not everyone will be pleased by the looks of it, so just keep that in mind. Doesn't make it easier that it happened just before half distance, and with just over half the drivers... Typical :meh:

I will re-open the thread for general discussion and in case people want to post videos, but don't start bickering at each other or I'll have to face slap y'all. Remember that this situation is nobody's fault.

And regardless of what happens with this race, Italy runs as normal this Sunday.
Thank you Fisi, your calming presence was needed ;)

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My highlights from this race! I actually managed to race around in the sub-top before the mass DC, taking my highest ever AOR F1 finish as of yet and boy does it feel hollow.. :unsure:


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first of all want to say if it was my fault i am very sorry dont know if it was has a have never had any troubles with my internet

Looking at some of the comments is laughable it clearly states in the rules that if over half the field disconnected (which it did) before 50% of the race is completed (which it was) the lobby had to be restarted but for some reason it wasnt so in my mind we have do to do it again i would of felt the same way even if i stayed in the race but obviously people that stayed in want there points

Would of love to see what would of happened if the fastest 8 guys disconnected there would have been a demand to start it again anyway said my piece

Dont know if i will make it next week as i am coming back from a stag do from hamburg on sunday


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Sent a PM to the 8 drivers who got disconnected on Sunday. Would appreciate if you could read & reply as soon as you can.

I'll make the race thread for Italy soon, but note that the standings won't be updated until we know what's going to happen with Spa.


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X360 F1 Announcement - Spa to be re-run

Hey guys. I don't feel the need to explain the situation leading up to this announcement as I'm sure you're all aware of it. All that needs to be known is that 8 out of 15 drivers (thus over 50%) in the original Spa race ended up victim to the "mass disconnection", which happened one lap before half distance had been completed. This means the below rule comes into effect:
● If half, or more, of the drivers in a race lose connection at the same time, or over a short period of time, that counts as a mass disconnection.
● If less than 50% of the race was completed at the time of the mass disconnection, the race will be restarted immediately, preferably with a new lobby host. If several drivers are unable to restart the race at that time, the race will be rescheduled for a later date.

As mentioned previously, I take full responsibility for the fact that there was no clear leader in the lobby at the time to make the decision to abort the race and suggest an immediate restart. Obviously it's not something I expected to happen, so I hope you forgive me for that. From now on this person will be @TRL Limitless, as long as I am not participating in F1 myself, although you should all be aware of the rules on this so that you know how to react should it happen again.

Either way, as an immediate restart did not take place at the time due to this confusion, the rules state that the race is to be rescheduled for a later date. Now, given the circumstances, I didn't feel the need to enforce this if the victims of the disconnection weren't too bothered about this, hence why I sent them a message last week to clarify, but the general feeling was that a re-race is in order, which they are completely within their right to feel.

So, in accordance to the rules, I am announcing the Spa race to be re-raced, on one of the following 2 dates, depending on what you guys want:

Option 1: The race in Russia is still planned to go ahead for all leagues, but I know there are people who would prefer not to race it due to the similarity to Canada when it comes to corner cutting issues. If this is a general feeling within the F1 league, we could schedule the Spa re-race to replace the Russia race on 22nd March. This way all race dates would remain the same.

Option 2: If there is not a clear majority for doing option 1, the Spa re-race will be scheduled for 15th March, which was originally planned as a break week.

Please let me know what you would prefer!

PS: I fully understand that this may seem unfair for the 7 of you who ended up completing the original Spa race after the mass disconnection, however I hope you understand that it would be even more unfair for the other 8 if we went against the rules to make another decision, and remember that the situation itself was nobody's fault. At the end of the day, the race was completed when it shouldn't have been. Anyway, hopefully we can now move on with the rest of the season and fingers crossed we avoid similar issues again. Thanks for understanding.

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I would prefer to take it on the 15th of march as I want to race in Russia as long as everyone keeps it clean, which is, when you want it, not that difficult to be honest.


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I Definitely agree with the decision of a re-race. I like doing as many races as possible and Canada was relatively OK from what I can remember so I think Russia should be ok to stay and that we should do Spa in the break week.


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option 1 for me fisi!! just a reply to your tweet the other as i cant reply as im a poor bastard who has no more data on his phone :( i got my weeks totally messed up!! i thought we had 1 more week off when we didnt and by the time i noticed, it was too late :(