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F1: Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix [01/03/15 - 8:00pm]


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Jan 12, 2014
Alright guys, fingers crossed things work out well connection-wise tonight. Hope you all have a good race and remember to take it easy when battling and keep an eye on track limits :)


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Jan 14, 2014
Very happy to finally get my first win in the F1 league, ever since I started league racing I've always dreamt about being a AOR F1 race winner and I'm delighted to join the group of now 18 drivers who have done that.

I really didn't feel like this was the race I would take my first win as I was prepared to not race due to my internet not working, but very luckily it started working exactly 21:00 my time (20:00 GMT) and I could suddenly log in, so I never actually raced on 3G connection :p

I was very unprepared not having raced on the game since Friday and not having done much practice at all so I was surprised qualy went as good as it did starting 2nd.
Then JD dsc on the grid which pretty much gave me pole.
Led the whole race after that, but I could never be calm as Jason had really good pace and kept me honest all race. But I was very consistent and kept a good pace so he was never able to get in range for DRS.
Also of course JD's dsc devalues the win a bit but at the same time no one has won race race this seasons without JD messing up or disconnecting. Anyway was very relieved when I crossed the finish line!!

Also just saw my recording software has messed up again like it did in Hungary lagging & skipping forward all the time, fortunately I was spectated most of the time on the stream so you can still watch much of my driving. Will still do a highlights video of course but it's very annoying that it has to happen on my first win -.-
Anyway see ya all next week at Suzuka! :)
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Jan 13, 2014
Very happy to take 2nd at a track I hate.
It didn't start very well though as my 1st run in quali ended in the wall after the autospin kerb got me on the exit of the penultimate corner, I was on for a low .41 as well :banghead: On my 2nd run I thought I did a nice and tidy lap, which you can see on the stream, but it turned out to be a very average 41.7. I messed up my last run too which left me 7th on the grid, 7 tenths off pole, my worst qualifying of the season. Even more annoying was the fact I was doing 40's in practice consistently so I was over a second off my pb.
Gained 2 places off the start with JD dsc'ing and overtaking brociek but in the first stint I was stuck behind martin and franglish, fortunately they both pitted early so I was free to chase down Leoobot. I came in on lap 9 for more options, coming out a few seconds behind franglish who was on primes. I caught him very quickly and overtook straight away, leaving me free space to Leo in front again. The gap was around 5 seconds and it stayed there as we both came in on lap 19 for primes. I started closing the gap slightly but a couple of tenths per lap was not enough and I started to think about Franglish more who was now on options about 7 seconds back. He made mistakes though so I was clear from behind but the gap to Leo only got down to 3.5 seconds, then went up a bit at the end so I had to settle for 2nd.
That was much better than I had hoped for though so I will take that, but I still think if I had qualified in the top 3/4 then I could have pressured Leo a lot more. However, he had great pace and was a very deserving winner so congrats to him. It was unfortunate JD disconnected again but there's not much I can do when at least 2 other hosts can't race.
I'm looking forward to Suzuka next week, one of my favourite tracks, see you there :)