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F1: Round 16 - Brazilian Grand Prix [23/03/14 - 9:00pm]

Mazy CZ

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Jan 14, 2014
Not on this F1 2013 game as Im pooh in the dry and wet aswell :D on 2011 maybe ;) :D

x M a t t y G

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Jan 13, 2014
Hadn't got round to writing the race report till now, may as well as it's the final one for the season!!

Qualified in a dismal 6th place and was not looking forward to the race with Limitless up in 3rd I knew it was going to be tough to beat him with his TRL compatriots ahead of me too. Although less than 2 tenths quicker and I would've been 2nd!

The race started pretty reasonably, maintaining 6th place I think until passing Martin on lap 3 where there was slight contact, but I was completely alongside him and there was nothing I could do as there was serious lag issues going on as well. I then got up to 4th after the pitstops as Noble was held up and then lap 10 is where dreams are made of. I got a decent run out of turn 2 and saw ahead that randy had gone slightly wide which meant Rosberg and Limitless were both affected. I put it up into rich thinking I could get passed Limitless and possibly Rosberg too, but to my surprise found myself in 1st by the time I reached the end of the DRS straight!! I think it's safe to say poo went absolutely everywhere. This changed the race completely as I was then at the front of the field and able to manage the pace to allow Noble to catch up and get in on the action. When Noble had got into 2nd I knew that it was then the time to push. I put it some ridiculously consistent laps at the beginning of the final stint (6 laps or so all within a tenth or so) but towards the end of the race my tyres started going off and I began to get nervous as I started locking up in certain places which allowed the gap to close towards the end. But I managed to come home with the victory which is something I did not expect when starting 6th... But I guess Brazil always has amazing action and this one was no exception! Lap 10 was probably the defining moment in the race and I'm so glad I had the balls to give it a go and it worked out! :D

Thanks everybody for the great racing this season. I had a bad run of luck which meant me not enjoying the game in the slightest but I think I'm going to stick around for one more season at least. The fight for 2nd in the championship between myself and Limitless was a tense one and honestly I can't believe I took it after being quite far behind him with only 4 or so races to go... A combination of bad luck for him in the pit stops and me picking up my game a bit helped in the end :).

I have to say a big thank you to my teammate Noble for supporting me the last few races and being an excellent partner in crime. But hey, that's what teammates are for ;)

Shame to see you go Mazy and anyone else who decides to drop out. I don't blame you guys in the slightest as I was very close to doing the same. See you next season!

Blue Inquisitor

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Jan 15, 2014
Mazy CZ;n23266 said:
I was looking forward to the end of the season. You guys are so fast that cruising at the back nearly the whole season wasn't very enjoyable. At least I had Contadins and SE to race with yesterday.

Anyway, this is my last season and I'm not gonna participace in S8 as I'm not enjoying the game at all. But it has been great fun and pleasure to race with all of you and be part of the epic highlights videos. Those videos were the main thing why I stayed as long as I can and I also loved King of the Rain Tournaments and 1 Lap Mini KOTR, where I remember Me and Noble back in F1 2011 at Abu Dhabi track with slicks on wet track drifting side by side out of the last corner to the flag :D Im glad that I joined back in April 2011 with no online racing experience and to race with you lot on F1 2010 in social races where I was getting frustrated that everyone was using all assists on and I didn't and refused to turn them on. But I kept going and I have met NillisLukins, Fisi, Noble, Matt and others in socials and thanks to that, I got cherry-picket straight into GP2 league for Season 3, then at Monaco, I got my 1st and only win in ARL, then I got promoted to F1 where I got 2 podiums in S3 and finished 6th overall which I was very happy with. Then with 2012 and 2013 game I had no pace compared to others in F1 but I could still managed to held my position in F1 and not get relegated, until now

I wish everyone the best, not just in the league races. Maybe I will come back someday.
Take care, Cheers
Mazy :thumbup:
I've not raced with you for as while but we had some good battles in the past. Hope you re-join the leagues some time :)


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Jan 12, 2014
Soooooo, the final results/standings have been updated, and can be viewed here!

It was a really exciting final race as well, even though my end result wasn't as good as it could have been. I had put a lot of hours practice in for this race (which I hadn't had time for for the previous few races), felt like I drove one of my best ever races in F1, but still only finished 10th - 15 seconds off the win! That shows how competitive this race was!

Still can't believe what happened in qualifying either. From what I remember it was 4 tenths separating 2nd to 10th, and I ended up bang in the middle of that in 7th. The heartbreaking thing is that I was only +0.150s off 2nd place - and on that lap I was +0.160s down on my previous best in sector 1, meaning that with a perfect lap I could have qualified 2nd!!

But I started 7th, and got a reasonably clean start, holding position through the first few corners. Coming up the hill after turn 4, Matty ended up running wide and I passed him up the inside to get up to 6th! Didn't take long before he got back past though, outpowering me on the straight towards turn 3 on lap 2. Rickeey then passed me at the same corner on lap 3. I was then put under great pressure for Minty for a couple of laps and tried my best to defend, but he eventually got past as well after a nice little battle, so I was down to 9th. For the rest of the first stint I just had to claw onto the back of Minty to keep up with the massive train ahead.

Pitted on lap 8 along with Minty, but a few people had got the undercut on us, including my teammate Trace, so I was now in 10th and had to push really hard to catch back up to the main field. Passed Trace on lap 16 as we both continued the hunt for the pack. Luckily they were holding each other up a bit by being extremely close, allowing to catch up towards the end of the stint, making for a pretty crazy 10-car train! The field continued to stay incredibly close until the final stop, when I was among the first group to pit on lap 21. That worked out nicely as I got the jump on several cars and found myself in 6th place when everyone had pitted!

The gap up to the top 5 was too big now for me to keep up as I was out of the DRS zone and had burnt up all my fuel, so all I could do was to defend hard from the guys behind. Minty was the first driver to challenge, I tried to hang on, but he eventually DRSed past me on lap 26. Then I had Rosberg close behind for a couple of laps until he got past as well. They both looked to be a bit quicker than me, but they started battling, allowing me to hang on - and then they suddenly came together in a racing incident out of turn 3 on lap 30 which gifted me back 6th place!

An incredible bit of battling with Rosberg ensued, where we had some great side by side action and changed positions a few times. Our close battling allowed Minty, Trace and Randy to catch up though, which proved costly when I made my only mistake of the race at the start of lap 35, losing the car onto the kerb at turn 2 which slowed me down and I got mugged off by the whole group! Annoyingly, that tiny mistake was the difference between a potential 6th and 10th, which is where I ended up as I couldn't get past Randy on the final lap despite being close. Still felt I drove a really good race, but the competitiveness was insane, backed up by the top 10 being separated by only 15 seconds at the finish.

Luckily though, that one point was just what I needed to hold on to my 6th place in the championship standings. I was 10 points ahead of Martin going into the race - he finished 5th thus scoring exactly 10 points, but thanks to my 10th place that meant I stayed ahead in the championship by a sole point! I realise I most likely would have been lower down had Martin, Rosberg and Minty been here since the start of the season, but that fact aside, I'm very happy to have finished 6th in the standings - 2 places above what I did in season 6! :)

But that's enough about my - the main man to congratulate is Noble for a 5th straight championship win - your pace and consistency over the course of a season has been unmatched since the start of this league!

And then of course to Matty who jumped ahead of Limitless for 2nd by winning the final race - well done! You both had some really impressive races this season and congrats again to Limitless for finally getting your first win at Spa!

Same goes for Randy - you've been looking for that first win for ages and you finally got it in Austin!

And of course, thanks to everyone who raced this season and stayed until the end - whether you've been at the front of the grid or at the back (or in the middle like me)! It's been a really exciting season overall. Lots of ups and downs as usual of course, but I've had some great fun, and we've had some absolutely classic races for the highlight videos. Spa to mention one!

I know a few of you may not sign up for next season, but I still hope to see the majority of you on the grid again for season 8 - in which case I expect next season to be even closer than this one, especially with some quick guys moving up from GP2 as well!

So yeah, this has been a reasonably lengthy post, but thanks again for season 7 and I'll see you on the track again soon! :)
Jan 13, 2014
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