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F1: Round 2 - Malaysia Grand Prix [16/11/14 - 8:00pm]


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Jan 13, 2014
A very enjoyable race from my POV, shame no one in the midfield records :(

Qualifying went far better than I expected. Got a 36.8 on the 1st run, 36.5 on the 2nd which put me 8th and I would have taken that but I pulled out a 36.3 from nowhere right at the end! Pretty lucky that I got over the line with 2 seconds left as well. Started P5, my best qualifying in F1, so I was very chuffed with that.

The race start was initially great, passing Leobot and Rosberg due to lag and wheel starts respectively, and I was 3rd going into turn 1 :woot: Dropped back to 3rd after being a bit cautious at turn 2, then at the fast chicane Leobot tapped me wide but it was a lag bubble which he didn't realise so that's fair enough and I dropped back to 6th. Battled with Minty, ellis and leo for the whole of the 1st stint and going 3 wide a couple of times. I out dragged Ellis on the back straight on lap 8 so I came in and put primes on. In the 2nd stint Ellis caught me back up and passed on about lap 11, then we had to tackle Leo's lag car multiple times which cost us at least a couple of seconds allowing Montoya and Jambo behind on options to get within DRS. Then one of the best battles I've had happened with me, montoya and Jambo going 3 wide for almost 3 corners and somehow I held them off into turn 1 when they had DRS, probably my best defensive move ever ;). This battling allowed Ellis to get a 3 second gap and I fell behind Montoya and Jambo on about lap 17 and lost a further couple of seconds with Franglish's lag car sitting on apex's.
I was planning to pit on lap 19, so when I thought I heard Ellis say he was pitting on 18 it would be fine. But he actually said he was pitting on 19 and I was never staying out another lap so double stacking cost me at least 3 seconds :banghead:. The gap to Jambo in 8th was now 6 seconds and it remained at that for the rest of the race.

So 9th place, I'll take it I guess, it's points on the board but I know I had the pace to challenge the guys in front if it hadn't have been for the pit stop and losing at least 4 seconds because of lag cars. Congrats to JD on the win and thanks to Montoya, Ellis, Leobot, Jambo and minty for some fantastic, clean racing (y), looking forward to next week already!
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Jan 13, 2014
One word for that race. INTENSE.


Did 2 solid 35.9s but felt I left some more laptime on the table due to a few minor mistakes, but starting 2nd is never something to complain about!


Got a great start and attacked Brociek into T1, managing to take the lead. From then on I built a small gap to just over a second to keep him out of the DRS zone. This remained until we both pitted and came out behind Jambo and Montoya who were still on their primes. A few hairy moments which cost me the gap to Brociek allowed him to attempt a move into T1, but luckily held it around the outside to maintain the lead. From then on the gap increased very slowly to just outside DRS until Brociek pitted for his final stop. Pitted a lap later and luckily held the lead! Just kept it consistent and slowly broke away with the better tyres to take the win!

Thrilled and good race Brociek, was very intense (Reminds me of Korea s7 against Noble) Bahrain isn't really a great track for me, but will aim to keep up the consistency and intensity to see where I end up. Good racing and see you next week :)


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Jan 15, 2014
My motivation levels have gone from 5% to 0% after this. Its not all the **** I had to put up with in this race its seeing Rosberg 25 seconds off the leader that's depressing..... Just seems like the whole thing is a waste of time. I probably wont even turn the game on to practice for the next few races. Doesn't seem much point until Monaco at least.