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F1: Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [14/12/14 - 8:00pm]

TRL Ellis

Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 19, 2014
That was a very weird race. Bottled qualy quite badly and was only 8th on the grid. The race started off pretty calm just stayed behind Jambo for the first 10 laps. Then on lap 11 I was I bit behind Jambo and when I came out of the casino it was just a big pile of cars crashing down the hill, Everyone where ghosted so I kept the throttle down and though I could get past but Minty stopped ghosting and I hit the back of him loosing my front wing as Ellis had aswell. Later on that lap I got my penalty, basically when me and Ellis got into the nouvelle chicane he ran a bit wide and I got past him, and exacly the same time as I passed him the safety car sign came up giving me a penalty for illegal overtake, hope it can get removed (video below).
For the rest of that stint I just tried to keep the rythm and follow the train, actually managed to gain 2 places by overtaking on track that stint when Minty and Jason made some mistakes, which was nice. Then pitted on lap 23 I coming out in what was a pretty comfortable third. But I didn't make it easy for myself as I lost my endplate giving me horrendous understeer which ended in me driving really badly, Minty got past me and almost Jason aswell. Then I was very lucky when Minty and Franglish crashed in fornt of me gifting me 2nd. The Red Bull pair was chasing close after me for the rest of the race but I managed to hold off. So good points for me and in the constructors aswell! See you guys after the brake! :)

Here's my penalty. I recorded it via my iphone because I have no sony vegas atm and then I have to use Youtube editor which forces my to firstly upload the whole video and then edit and after that the processing takes hours. I hope it can get removed. Would be nice if @FisiFan91 take a look at it, don't know if I have to make a stewards enquiry for it.
Yeh I overshot the chicane and locked up


GP2 2nd Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Might as well do a report since it was such a crazy race.

I Came into the race feeling confident of a good result and qualifying proved that when I put it on the front row beside Limitless! I was purple going into the last sector like at China but I cut the chicane a bit so had to lift off the throttle to negate the advantage meaning I lost 3 tenths in the last sector and didn't get pole but 2nd was brilliant since qualifying is a lot of the story at Monaco.

I was pretty nervous starting on the front row but I seemed to get a slight lag start which allowed Franglish to easily move ahead into turn 1. I lost an endplate early on which affected me quite a lot for the 1st stint but I managed to just about stay with Franglish while opening out a gap to the guys behind since Ellis was holding them up nicely. On lap 11 everyone dived in the pits when the safety car came out and I emerged in 4th since Brociek stayed out. The restart was crazy with JD losing his wing straight away :lol: and at casino square Franglish went wide and I slipped down the inside into Mirabeau meaning I was now somehow in the net lead o_O. However, Brociek was still ahead on old options and I just couldn't get any run on him to make a move so everyone bunched right up and on lap 17 Brociek went very slowly into the swimming pool chicane, I had nowhere to go, tapped the back of him which made me half spin and lose 2 spots to Jack and Franglish, and he then came in 2 corners later....
Don't remember too much from the middle stint except that either just before or after the final stop for primes I got stuck on the wall at casino square losing me 3 seconds and a place to leobot. Later on about lap 32 I got a 4 second lag spike which dropped me behind Minty and Ellis to 6th and I thought that was pretty much the race done so I was raging a bit about that. But franglish in 2nd started going pretty slowly and on lap 35 there was a 5 car train for 2nd and I knew something would happen which it did the next lap with Franglish spinning Minty. This moved me back up to 3rd since I had passed Ellis before that and 2nd was looking possible again with Leo appearing to be struggling on traction just in front. That order stayed though since I started to struggle as well but 3rd (If Leo's penalty gets removed) and a podium finish, extremely happy with that, especially at Monaco!
Jack (congrats btw, very impressive debut drive (y)) had 2 penalties so I ended up only 6 tenths off him but again I'm not sure if they are getting removed.
That was the craziest race I've seen in AOR, so much drama, crashes and close racing, I love a crazy Monaco race! Not sure what the next few races will bring for me but hopefully everyone has a great Christmas and I'm looking forward to racing again in the new year :)

JACK 575

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Nov 29, 2014
Fairly average qualifying for me compared to my practice times. Laps felt good but was about .5 sec off where I wanted to be.

Lost 5th to Minty immediately off the start due to being released late from the lights combined with his host start. Followed behind for a few laps until Minty got a lag spike on the start/finish straight. Was losing so much time behind Ellis and went for a half chance in Casino square. Probably deserved 1 of the penalties but got another when Jambo hit me. SC came out later that lap so I pitted for more options and came out in P5.

After the restart cars in front just made mistakes 1 after another. First Limitless, Franglish a couple of laps later, then Jason hit the back of Brociek's car (who was slow on old tyres). Brociek then pitted and I found myself in P1.
Pulled away from cars behind as I new I had a penalty and needed a gap to have a chance of winning. Franglish in 2nd had lost some front wing and did a great job holding up Leoobot and others behind. The final gap to was just enough to secure the win.

  • Winner
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F1 Sponsored Driver
Jan 14, 2014
just seen your post in the stewards forum, youre divebombs werent that bad tbh, its what id expect at monaco with very few overtaking places. thought we had a few good battles at points just a shame the games engine is about as good as a chocolate teapot. but yeah once again sorry for ruining your race, hope you dont think i was doing it with any malicious intent, just wanted to stay in front :)