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PC F12 Divebomb causes Crash in T1

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Patrick Schindler

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Jul 16, 2019
Platform + League: PC F12
League Coordinator: @Biolite80
Date: 1/9/19
Members Involved: @Patrick Schindler, @Arvidzon39 @VadhunteR

I drove the outside Line on the Mainstraight and @Arvidzon39 the inside Line and divebombed me out of turn one in the exit zone and VadhunteR got a little push of him.
I didn't got any damage but I lost much of time and a panelty that equalized the time that I lost would be appropriate.


F1 Coordinator
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F1 Coordinator
Apr 10, 2018
This inquiry has now been moved towards the stewards. I apologise for it not being moved earlier. It happens sometimes, that we accidentally forget about an inquiry. But don't worry, we are taking care of it now and a verdict will be posted by the Head Steward as soon as possible.

@Thezz @Vadim Chernoshtanov @Patrick Schindler

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have analysed the evidence and have come to the conclusion that @Thezz braked too late and ran into the side of another car, causing a crash. For this @Thezz is given a 5-second time penalty and 10 penalty points. From the closing speed of the collision, it was lucky not more damage was caused, so please try to be more measured in future races.


(@Vadim Chernoshtanov @Biolite80 @Patrick Schindler @Thezz)
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