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XB1 F2 GER - Lap 9 taken out

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Adam J

Formula Karter
May 30, 2018
Platform + League: XB1 F2
League Coordinator: @Hayden_430
Date: 19/05/19
Members Involved: @Tom123FTW @XPOWER 89
Description: I made a move into the hairpin and slightly out braked myself. After that I was sure I was 3 wide with @Tom123FTW & @XPOWER 89 approaching the fast right hander. I left enough room for 3 of us and was taken out by Tom. I don't know if he was hit by Power or not but this was the second incident this race and cost me a potential podium with the time I lost.
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Pro Karter
Mar 2, 2015
Can only agree that we were going three wide in to the corner. I was on the inside, trying to stay as tight to the inside of the corner as I could. From looking at my POV it seems like @Tom123FTW turns in early and taps the rear of my car. (This can be seen in my left mirror as we approach the corner).

Other than that I believe that I was entiteled to take the corner, as I was on the inside of both the other cars.

Please watch from 13:50 in to the vid:
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