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Aug 16, 2016
Incident 1: After hitting the kerb too hard I got spit off and wanted to try and hold my track position, mtz gets a much better run than me and try’s to make a move. Making my one move to try and defend I take the right hand side. Mtz still try’s to go to my right even with a car’s width not there. I’m not too sure why he can’t go to the left. Anyway after reviewing my footage when contact occurred I had no indication that the driver was side by side as my arrow was white as shown. Not too sure if he tried to go for the move or the arrow system is bigger, I didn’t know he was side by side and I don’t know if he did either. Looks on his point of view as if his front wing is like attached to my rear as he was not once along side. Looking at the screenshots given I had no arrow and I feel there was no enough room for him to try a move down the inside.

As a result both of our races were hurt, mine a lot more than his.

Incident 2: After just receiving damage I decide to pit, I keep the the right hand side to show that I am pitting. I slow down before starting to pit and mtz does not take this into consideration and still try’s to take the corner as if I am not there. Not too sure what I am meant to do as I was clearly showing I’m going into the pits and had just been in an incident. Steering into my side pod and into the pit entry lines so don’t know what I can do really.

Can I add I tried to sort this out with him via dm but wasn’t having it.


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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have discussed this incident and have come to the following conclusions:

The incident on the pit straight is being ruled as a moderate collision caused by @Cherry2pie . we feel that Cherry made two defensive moves here, the second one being too late which sends both cars into the wall. If you want to defend the inside, you need to move early and ensure that it's just one movement. A 10 second time penalty and 10 penalty points will be awarded for this.

As for the pit entry incident. While we view this contact as a racing contact, we think that @Cherry2pie was not within the white pit entry lines which may have lead to some confusion between the two drivers. 5 penalty points will be awarded to @Cherry2pie for crossing the pit entry line.

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