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XB1 F2 Season Awards + Stats + Surveys


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Jun 28, 2016

The season is over! Finally!
It was a great season and a pleasure to race with ya'll.

First of all: let's come to the champion @Allrounder x
There has to be no best driver award, because only the best driver gets the title. Everytime he finished on the podium, he won the race. This helped him to clinch the title.
It was a good job from @Nicolai Kehlet who led the championship for some round but couldn't convert it into a championship win for him.

We already crowned Williams Martini as the constructors champions. Congratulations to them again! @Allrounder x and @AOR BiGGzY96

DHL Fastest Lap Award goes to: @t3hmightymidg3t with 3x fastest lap

Our Driver of the day champion is @Nicolai Kehlet with a total amount of 3 DOTD awards.

Top 3 is completed by @ESR CJ who had an amazing end to this campaign finishing 4 consecutive times on the podium with 2 wins! Amazing job by the driver who raced last season in F3.

No one could stop @Allrounder x in qualifying. He stood on pole 8 times and won 6 times.
@Nicolai Kehlet never stood on pole, but still won 3 times.

When it comes to recovery driving or strategic masterpieces no one could match @C0LDH3AD who gained an average of 5 (!) positions per race. Only @Chiraq came close with an average of 3.4

The only team not to stand on the podium is Ferrari. Manor managed to snatch a podium finish just in the last race.

@Chiraq has got the best reliability this season (87%). He finished 13 out of 14 races.
The only drivers who have attended every race were @LGS469 and @StubbornGymnast & @Taylor Reynolds . Big thanks to them for their great commitment.

Statistics are a great thing to show objective data, but there are some things statistics cannot display.

This is YOUR task. Please take your time and fill out these surveys I have created especially for this tier.

You can nominate the drivers/races for your awards here:

Here you can rate the tier in terms of driving standards, the decisions of the coordinator etc.

I'd appreciate any feedback since I am not perfect and there are a lot of things to improve on me and your feedback can be useful for other tiers (in terms of rules, connection-wise etc.)

I'd like to thank everyone who spent his Sunday evening with us, it was a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope at some stage we will race again.
All the drivers who raced this season:
@Nicolai Kehlet
@Stratis Ferrari
@Taylor Reynolds
@Allrounder x
@VBR Raikkonen
@Jack Carr Riley
@NJ Swaggg
@TSR Cal
@Cryo Lockdown
@VBR Hayasa

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EVR Morvic

Reigning AOR PC GT Endurance Champion
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Feb 25, 2016
Filled both in! :) I gave some good answers too. Haha
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AOR's 'Finest' Driver
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Jun 28, 2016
Thank you already 9 Responses on the first day. I hope more will come! Really interesting to see the different responses. We just have half of the grid so let's see :)
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AOR's 'Finest' Driver
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Jun 28, 2016

Most promising driver of the season
@Allrounder x and @ESR CJ both got 6 votes!

Best race of the season
1. Brazil (4 votes)
2. Australia (3 votes)
3. Bahrain (2 votes)

Worst race of the season? (General)
1. Canada (5 votes)
2. Bahrain (4 votes)

Funniest driver of the season
@AOR BiGGzY96 and @Chiraq made the drivers laugh the most! I hope not because of their driving :rofl::wtf: (3 votes each)

Funniest quote of the season
There were too many! :lol:
"Thanks a lot, Jeff"
"Kahmundo is going to win the championship"
"This gonna be a NASCAR Restart"
"Here's my lowlights" -TeakQuickshare
"No!" - Allrounder in the first run of US GP

Funniest moment of the season
By far it was the last SC restart of the season in Brazil, every driver battling for positions in the last laps and the huge pile up into T2.
Other funny moments:
  • Monaco drama
  • Taylors crash into the pit entry in Great Britain
  • LGS spin on the formation lap in Germany
  • Allrounders retirement in the 1st run of US GP but then he won it in the re-run
  • Safety car in USA and everyone bottling their one-shot quali lap
  • Midget lagging out every 5 seconds in Canada
Cleanest driver of the season
1. @Chiraq (6 votes)
2. @LGS469 (3 votes)
3. @Nicolai Kehlet (2 votes)

Most improved driver of the season
1. @ESR CJ (6 votes)
2. @Chiraq (3 votes)
3. @Nicolai Kehlet & @t3hmightymidg3t (2 votes)

Team of the season?

Friendliest driver of the season

1. @Nicolai Kehlet (4 votes)
2. @ESR CJ (2 votes)
3. almost everyone from the tier got at least one vote! :)

Unluckiest driver of the season
@Nicolai Kehlet
2. @VBR Raikkonen
3. Me .... whoever that me is! :rofl:

Most consistent driver

1. @Allrounder x (7 votes)
2. @Nicolai Kehlet (4 votes)

Best strategic driver

1. @Nicolai Kehlet (6 votes)
2. @C0LDH3AD (4 votes)
3. @Allrounder x (3 votes)

Driver with the best overtaking abilities

1. @Allrounder x (4 votes)
2. @AOR BiGGzY96 (3 votes)
3. @V6Racing (2 votes)

Biggest Twitter junkie

1. @Allrounder x (https://twitter.com/Allrounderx) (3 votes)
2. @Chiraq (https://twitter.com/chrqxbl) (2 votes)
3. @t3hmightymidg3t (https://twitter.com/midg3t_27) (2 votes)

Most INactive member in the tier (forum-wise)

1. @Simon2810 (6 votes)
2. @V6Racing (2 votes)
3. @VBR Raikkonen (2 votes)

Most active member in the tier (forum-wise)

1. @Chiraq (10 votes)
2. @AOR BiGGzY96 (2 votes)
3. @Morvic

General Feedback

What did you like the most about this season?

Your responses:
-The clean fair racing
-We never really struggled with numbers, which is nice!
-Having great form towards the end picking up 2 wins
-Large grid
-My First Victory
-The fun i had throughout
-The racing with all the drivers
-the learning process
-Environment was a lot better and it generally was just better having Chiraq as coordinator tbh
-The competetiveness literally everywhere on the grid, no matter if you're 1st, 5th, 15th.
-That I began to quali consistant top 6 towards the end of the season and that I could fight for points at a few races -considering I was by far the slowest in race trim thoughout the season
-The party chat
-My podium in Austria
-That it ended
-How competitive the tier was

What did you dislike the most?

Your responses:
-Some decisions based on incidents could've been improved more consistently.
-The fact that I didn't have a lot of time to properly commit, will change!
-Having an awful race at China
-Driving quality
-Bahrain GP
-Not being able to get a win or win the constructors championship
-my performance
-Collisions that wasn't anyone's fault
-My dumb mistakes
-The racing wasnt as clean as I tought it would be but I cant really complain to much as I contibuted to that at some points. -Another bad thing was the agressive tone after races where things hadnt gone to plan for some people and they decided to -rage in xbox parties or on the forum, people need to remember that it's a game
-Other peoples derogatory comments
-Driving standards
-Bad luck

Thank you very much for taking your precious time to fill out these surveys.

Especially for me as a coordinator it was nice to have some feedback!
I can only thank you guys for the positive feedback I got. Still, there are things to improve on since some drivers felt if they had a problem they couldn't speak about that with me. I am sorry.

For anyone who is interested in the full results of the second survey here is the link: https://goo.gl/rjx1Hz


EVR Morvic

Reigning AOR PC GT Endurance Champion
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Feb 25, 2016
Yay, even I got myself a mention in the list. :D


GP2 Reserve Driver
Jun 14, 2015
Can anyone explain to me why they liked having the fucking SC on?! There wasn't one time where it worked properly and didn't **** up someone's race! Anyways, thanks for the stats Chiraq


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Jun 8, 2014
Well i feel honoured to be 2nd in bes overtaker, thanks chaps, good season, lets hope for a better one on 2017 xD
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