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Moved F3 - British Grand Prix Qualifying Incident

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S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Nov 27, 2016
Platform + League: PS4 F3 League
League Coordinator: @Zaack
Date: 22nd March 2020
Members Involved: @Cubalibre01
Description: I'll be honest, I'm not sure if much can be done with this incident, but I was hoping to have it at least looked at. (Sorry in advance if it turns into a waste of time.)
Basically, on my first flying lap for Qualifying, I go through Maggotts and Becketts before all of a sudden finding a spun Toro Rosso on the racing line, which I crashed into and caused Cubalibre's and my retirements from the session. If I go into more detail:

0:05 - At this point I see the yellow flag and see on the map that it's behind me. Just before I enter Maggotts, it goes green.
0:10 - I see out of the corner of my eye that there's a yellow flag again, but due to the high speed nature of Maggotts and Becketts, I don't have time to quickly look where it is. So I assume it's behind again, or people backing up at the final chicane to start their lap.
0:12 - It's not until now when I'm turning right, that I realise there's a Toro Rosso spun on the racing line. By that point my thought is something like, "Oh crap, I hope it ghosts!" which unfortunately, it didn't and as a result, we both retired and had to start from the back.

My question is, could they have had time to accelerate onto the grass and out of the way? I'd guess there was approx 3 seconds, but to be fair, it did happen really quickly so maybe they didn't have time to react. I know every time I watch it back, that I feel like I should have done better to avoid it but as said, it happened really fast. So maybe it's a bit harsh of me to question it so I understand if it was just one of those things where I was the unlucky one to get caught up in it.

I do want to add that Cubalibre did apologise after the race which I appreciated, so thanks for that. I hope there's no hard feelings and apologies myself for causing your retirement.




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Jun 6, 2018
Yeah, o I made a mistake as I spun around and then I got to hold on the racing line and obviously instantly thought that I should get out of there so I shifted down to move backwards, but as @SolidNinjaSnake was arriving I rather thought to stop and not move so he could move around me. This would have resulted in my ruining his lap but not in a crash. Furthermore, thought that I would ghost there. i am really sorry for the accident and I would accept a penalty.