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Moved F3 - Dangerous driving

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Oct 14, 2019
Platform + League: AOR PS4 F3
League Coordinator: @Zaack
Date: 5.4.2020
Members Involved: @TTG_WillG
Description: Got a good exit out of turn 2 for the straight and I see a gap on the left side of Will but when I get my front tyres next to his rears he decides to push me to the left side and makes me go over the white line by half a car even when I lifted off. This prevented me from having a clear chance to overtake Will. Without me lifting off the throttle, I would've been into the grass and actually lost some positions. Because this wasn't anything major I don't think it really needs to be penalised hard but at least there should be a warning for this.

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Feb 27, 2020
i dont have my pov as my wheel kicked me onto the ps menu which ended my recording mid race and i forgot to restart

but still there was a cars width there
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