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Moved F3 - Japan - Time Penalty Removal

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Platform + League: PS4 F2
League Coordinator: @CragglesD
Date: 04/02/21
Members Involved: @Donks @Jari
Description: Under Safety Car driving to cath safety car queue under time delta was coming down the pit straight as @Jari was exiting pits after a stop. I had the notice to pass @Jari due to his obvious slow pace exiting pits and took he usual racing line into T1. I left a good car width of room on the inside of the corner. @Jari appears to exit into my rear wheel causing a collision and I receive a 5 second penalty. This does not feel an appropriate penalty as was racing under safety car delta, was informed to pass the slow moving car, had left room at the end of the pit for them to exit, but still receive a undeserved penalty.


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I don't really agree with that, I was in 7th gear going into the corner, so not that slow during a safety car. Also I didnt expect you to go around the outside there as my game just said "catch the safety car queue". I didnt really have room to avoid you into that corner, you didn't leave me much space as you can see in the screenshot, I was on the inside of the track and turning as much to the right as I could without hitting the kerb, so couldnt really go anywhere.


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The stewards have reviewed the evidence and decided that the time penalty will not be removed and @Donks will also be awarded with 1 Penalty Point for causing an avoidable collision.

@Donks @Jari @CragglesD
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