PS4 F3 PS4 First Turn accident

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Mar 23, 2020
Platform + League: PS4 F3
League Coordinator: @Iceman46
Date: 20 September
Members Involved: @FiiReR @Kilcri or maybe smbd else. I saw only them, not sure who it was at the beginning

Description: Entering LAP 1 Turn 1 i decided to take an outside line and got drive to the wall with some help from the left. This put me down to the last place. Guess there were 3 or maybe more cars involved in it but can't name them all, cause i was in front and all i could see after the race is in the mirrors. Anyway, hope this will sort out, cause this kinda staff is not normal.

Video evidence: 33:00 is the start point



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Jan 16, 2014
@FiiReR @Kilcri

Anything to add from you?

I will show my POV later, not sure what can be seen from it but it can't hurt.
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