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Moved F4 Corner Cutting

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Apr 1, 2016
Platform + League: PC F4
League Coordinator: @CameronB
Date: 22/03/2020
Members Involved: @Rocky #95
Rocky extends the track 14 times during the race and during his best qualifying lap

Time stamps attached. And the race director is below where you can see he get 5 warnings during the race.

New video since other has been made private



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Rocky #95

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Jul 30, 2019
I see this as an infuriating attempt to decrease my lead in the championship. Furthermore, as i'm one of the few people to actually have an onboard livestream, using this against me seems hugely unfair, seeing that you, for example, do not have the same amount of coverage that i have. Based on this i ask the steward team to dismiss this case, and rely only on the data, and information that every racer has available. I'm saddened that anyone even thinks of this. Also most of the "extendings" were by inches... come on mate...

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence provided and decided on the following:

- @Rocky #95 extended Stowe a total of 13 times, without receiving a warning from the game
- @Rocky #95 extended Stowe on his quickest qualifying lap
- @Rocky #95 during the race already received 5 warnings from the game

@Rocky #95 ignored the following rules:

● Stay within the track boundaries with at least two tyres at all times. The track boundaries are defined by the white lines, NOT by the edge of the kerbs. The white lines are deemed part of the track, however the kerbs are not. Cutting corners, or extending the track, to gain an advantage is not allowed. Drivers found to be persistently breaking this rule will be penalised retrospectively. It is up to the stewards' discretion (based on the evidence provided) to determine whether a driver has abused the track limits to an extent where a penalty is justified.

● The occasional misjudgement of a corner can happen, but if you accidentally gain an advantage by going outside the track limits you are expected to back off to an extent that clearly negates any advantage gained.

● In qualifying, if you go outside the track limits in a way that doesn't clearly lose you time, you are expected to lift off the throttle to clearly negate any potential advantage gained. If the cut is major, the lap should be aborted. Failing to do this may result in post-race punishment.

The above results in the following decisions:

The stewards decided to add 15 seconds worth of time penalties to the race time of @Rocky #95. This means the total amount of time penalties for @Rocky #95 equals 18 seconds.
In addition, the stewards decided to award @Rocky #95 a qualifying ban for the next qualifying session the driver attends and 10 penalty points.

The stewards hope the driver will learn from his mistakes and will make sure it does not happen again.

@CameronB @Rocky #95
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